Prison Escape Shootout Hoax

Ok, earlier today I read the news from the Daily Mail in England that the 2nd fugitive was in a gun fight with the police after the first one was killed.  But now they have changed the story and say they are still searching for him!!!  This is an example of foreign news getting the already scripted narrative and printing it too early!!! This happened during 9/11 when the BBC reported building 7 had fallen 20 minutes before it actually had.

I found the original story still up in the Zimbabwe news of all places, they haven’t scrubbed it there yet!! Please cache it for posterity!!!

Here is the earlier headline saying the 2nd fugative was in a gun fight with police.

Scroll down google search to and it says:

Police in shoot-out with second Shawshank fugitive after ……/Police-in-shootout-with-secondShawshankfu

5 hours ago – Police in shootout with second Shawshank fugitive after accomplice is shot dead in dramatic gunbattle three weeks after escape.


This has been scrubbed from the daily mail because they reported it too EARLY!!! They changed article to this:

And here are other news sites that ran the article with the original title but go to the new article, the first article has been scrubbed.

Latest in N.Y. manhunt: 1 fugitive dead, 1 on the run …

In the last 2 hours; Police in shootout with second ‘Shawshank‘ fugitive after accomplice is shot dead in dramatic gunbattle three weeks after escape · Daily …

Fugitive Richard Matt shot dead by police | Online news …

Police in shootout with second ‘Shawshank‘ fugitive after accomplice is shot dead in dramatic gunbattle three weeks after escape It comes minutes after … Latest in NY manhunt: 1 fugitive believed dead, 1 on the run – USA TODAY USA …. Daily Mail Home | Today

This proves the escape from the prison is a HOAX!!!!

14 thoughts on “Prison Escape Shootout Hoax

  1. Just maybe they are pre-prepared for this situation and jumped the gun…? I know the zio’s did 9-11, I know Sandyhook was a hoax and all the rest but I cannot believe everything is, until further proof…

    Great observations and you are probably right, I just wonder what this alleged false flag does to further their evil sick agenda? Gun control doesn’t work with this as people would run to their weapons… I wonder what they are manipulating this time if you are right, OR if these two just know too much…?


  2. Another possibility is that while info was passing through the journalists’ sewing circle, someone got it wrong. It happens a lot.

    How they escaped with heavy/noisy construction tools, doing a picture-perfect professional job, is much more suspicious.

  3. Cui bono? How many warrantless arrests have been made in the ensuing dragnet? Whom are they actually hunting is the real question.

  4. My contention is that this prison escape was nothing more than a lie to do a martial law drill and let New York play police state. They went door to door searching people’s houses and property and set up roadblocks and checkpoints to search everyone’s vehicle. Then they got a ‘tip’ that these 2 fugatives were seen in other areas and they did the same thing there.

    They started off with a simple lie about 2 fugatives breaking out of a high security prison through a steam pipe. Then as people poked holes in the narrative the storytellers continued to add details to bolster their initial lie.

    Oh what a tangled web we weave. When first we practice to deceive. – Sir Walter Scott

  5. Breaking News on CNN! Authorities are about ready to shoot the second escaped inmate, tune in at 10:00 for all the gory details and be even more afraid!

  6. Thought I saw where there were two goons and one was killed, searching for the second.

    May have been another incident, unsure.

  7. They are training the pigs.
    You do not need search warrant to go into someone’s home or to stop them in there car and look in there trunk,or to stop and search them on the street. This is all B.S.
    This is getting the piggys in the mind set that they have power to do anything.

  8. I said from the start this was just a ruse to break into people’s homes and steal their sh#t.

    Especially guns.

  9. That’s it, Chili. You’re right. When you see the story changing, or one act of it being played out of sequence, you’re dealing with novelists rather than journalists.

    I think the Hatr has it right; this was all done to allow cops to search without warrants, and get the people used to it.

    1. Good link, Deb! What a ridiculous story. Unbelievable. Absolutely unfrigginbelievable. Really, not one word of it is.

      1. Hey Martist, did you hear? When Sweat was captured, he had a bag on him containing, maps, tools, bug repellant, and GASP! Wait for it…

        POP TARTS!!! The horror! 😆

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