Pro Sports Players Signing For $45,000,000 A Year Contracts – Where The Hell Is The Money Coming From?

More billionaire bullshit, acting as if people actually give a damn about a fixed ass bullshit game catering to mobsters and gambling junkies. I gotta tell ya people, if that POS quarterback is told to drop the goddamned ball, he’s going to drop the son of a bitch. And that’s how these worthless scumbag billionaires stay billionaires. 

In the meantime my friends who are fighting to get medical care, a suitable home and a goddamned happy fkg life are suffering because some piece of shit worthless ignoramus, that can’t add 2 and 2 is pretending like this worthless asshat game is somehow useful to society.

Every one of the clowns who is stealing money by accepting these payments by these scumbag billionaires are on the radar. Too many people in need, you’re a worthless dog stealing money that really isn’t there.

In this time on our earth, the suffering is immense, like no other, these phony ass billionaires continue to pull this shit.

This money facilitating all this crap isn’t really there, our people better get to understanding this, and how it’s all phony ass bullshit.

9 thoughts on “Pro Sports Players Signing For $45,000,000 A Year Contracts – Where The Hell Is The Money Coming From?

  1. And don’t tell me the money is coming from advertisers, those advertisers are corporate scumbags sucking on Jew ass tit…

    The goddamned stadiums are empty, WTF planet are we living on? Who pays for that 1.5 billion dollar piece of shit?

  2. Who remembers the Kobe Bryant Rape case a very rare event indeed a spot light shown once in my life time. Kobe a million air negro rapes a white women working for barely a living wage at best. Takes him to court. His fans are mad a the women why is that. A Swiss body builder a jew
    offers organized crime type people one million dollars to kill her. Stop right there organized crime is pissed and the jew knows it. got so far. The jew fly from Switzerland to California to kill a custodial worker Org crime is that pissed ????? The FBI stopped that blot. And the judge dismissed the case out right. Let me figure it out for you in dollars and cents Henery is rightfully pissed at the money of pro sports. Mine you my key board is broke it will no type numbers. Kobe is a one hundred thousand dollar value being payed millions. These same bastards will barely pay a living wage to us why. Why is mister niggardly with money so generous. And here is why he is pissed willing to pay one million dollars to kill that women.
    Those millions of dollars were payed so he would have the STATUS to engage in INTERRACIAL MOGERALIZATION with a white women. That white women was messing around with millions of dollars of STATUS PAY. She was turning that negro in to a one hundred thousand dollar value and the millions of of over payed status pay was shit rubbed right in a shit stinking jew face. Now you see the jew being payed one million dollars from Switzerland by jewish organized crime to kill a white custodial worker ??????

    1. “Henery is rightfully pissed at the money of pro sports.”

      Yes he is, and so am I! LMAO

      BTW- Kobe is dead now, karma caught his ass big time…

    2. ‘Henery’ did not write this article and I’m starting to see big chunks of race bait being tossed out there.
      This site is for American nationals of the American race of all pigments of skin. We are not going to do what Germany did and what the Masonic new world order wants us to do. We are going to stand as a people and enforce our f-king law and you can take your race baiting ass somewhere else, buddy, because it is not going to happen here.
      Every once in a while you neo-nazis try to infiltrate onto this site. We don’t want you and we don’t need you.

  3. All sports are rigged, especially the NFL. I could offer so much proof of this but I don’t have the time to do so. Why do you think the NE Patriots (aka Cheatriots) kept on winning Super Bowls? Because CHABAD LUBAVITCH Owner Robert (Mr. GMO) Kraft OWNS NFL Commissioner Roger Goodelll, that’s why! That’s the tip of the iceberg….

  4. I wouldn’t put it past “pro-sports” to just be another money laundering scam for the rich Jews
    Fck them all , they got none of my money
    Because I saw these over paid jokes for what they were when I was a kid fresh out of high school
    Had no time or interest to watch them live or on TV

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