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Pro-Trump MAGA rally erupts into violent clash with counter protesters in California


A pro-Trump demonstration on Saturday in Huntington Beach, California, broke into violence, with anti-Trump demonstrators with pepper spray brawling with pro-Trump protesters.

At the outset of the march, a permitted event that began at noon, there was simple antagonism, with the MAGA crowd and the anti-Trump group trading jeers.  

The violence erupted, according to the Los Angeles Times, when an anti-Trump protester fired pepper spray at the organizer of the event. Afterward, the black mask-clad protester was set upon by the pro-Trump crowd.

In the videos tweeted out by reporters on the scene, pro-Trump demonstraters can be seen swinging “Trump” flags at the heads of the anti-Trump protesters.


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2 Responses to Pro-Trump MAGA rally erupts into violent clash with counter protesters in California

  1. Bravo3 says:

    Sad. These Trump supporters need to learn how to punch. That beat down was like watching two old ladies fighting over Depends on sale. I guarantee that punk would not have gotten up if I’d gone after him.

    • tc says:

      If it looks sad and lame it’s probably because it’s fake.
      What your seeing is a production.
      How do I know? Way to many professional camera’s around.
      They even have an eye in the sky doing some filming.
      All for a protest that looks to consist of no more than a hundred people.
      When I started watching, I thought they were filming a new zombie movie.
      Dawn of the Brain Dead.

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