Problems with our Email

Our webhost is having unknown technical difficulties and we are unable to access our Email, thus we are unable to post articles that have been sent to us.

We hope to have the issue resolved shortly.

Please bear with us.

Update:  We just talked to BlueHost and they are working the problem which lies in their network, though they say they do not know where the problem came from or how long it will continue.  (Maybe they should check with Haifa and Tel Aviv. 🙂 )  

We have set up an alternate email for communications with the website.  It is

We are not able to access any information that was sent to us post 9:00 pm PDT last night.

10 thoughts on “Problems with our Email

  1. I was wondering what happened. I have FTTWR bookmarked and Chrome came back saying they couldn’t even connect to the website. Glad to see it’s up now.
    . . .

  2. The problems with Bluehost happened shortly after I published a threat to the front page of my web site, which stated that I was going to expose the zionist attacks on education in Mexico, starting with one of Mexico’s most prestegius schools.

    I doubt my site in particular caused this, but Hostmonster/bluehost has a lot of truth sites located on its servers and they give the truth sites seemingly disproportionately BETTER up time. Everything is toast right now, yet my site and this one have been pretty much on line while other sites that are hosted there and not truth sites remain down.

    Interesting stuff, and I would definitely guess this is a stuxnet type mossad malware hack. I cannot get into my site to change the front page, but can at least see it.

    Jim Stone

  3. The site was down for me again for the past 2 or so hours. Hope this place doesn’t disappear.

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