Professor Encourages Students to Break the Law to Abolish “White Democracy”


Watch in horror and disgust as Diablo Valley College professor Albert Ponce praises the malevolent lunatic Karl Marx and calls for the use of illegal means to bring about the “abolition of white democracy”:  

This was the first video to go up on the Facebook page Film Your Marxist Professors.

Students would not receive more pernicious brainwashing if we sent them off to North Korea to have it done. No wonder leftists like Bernie Sanders want college to be completely financed by taxpayers.

9 thoughts on “Professor Encourages Students to Break the Law to Abolish “White Democracy”

  1. Wasn’t this country founded, defended, and built by white people? Is there any reason they shouldn’t reign supreme in their own country?

    The ancestors of blacks were brought here against their will, so they’re an exception, but everyone else who has a problem with white people shouldn’t be storming the border to get here.

    1. American nationals reign supreme under the Bill of Rights and common law, clear back to the beginning. Though the whites were always in the majority, all colors have been here. Under the Bill of Rights and common law, democracy is irrelevant and these communists advocating this shit are guilty of treason and need to be hung.

  2. DIABLO Valley, indeed! “Diablo” = “devil” en espanol…. If any Hispanic or anyone pulled this crap at the local U, Sul Ross State, they’d be tarred and feathered in ten minutes by us locals, then transported across the border to Los Zetas for hanging….

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