Profiteering Cancer Industry Ripped Wide Open By Explosive Documentary ‘Cut, Poison, Burn’

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Just about everyone knows someone who has died from cancer.What would you say if I told you that we are all being lied to, that natural cures for cancer already exist and those cures are being deliberately with held from the public.Well, It’s all true.

The FDA and the Pharmaceutical company are in bed together.There is simply to much money being made for these scoundrels to come clean and tell us the truth. Billions and billions of dollars are being made off the pain and suffering of so many cancer patients.It’s very disturbing when I think about how this continues, chemotherapy is worthless, it destroys the body along with the cancer, it is a death sentence!  

I have some good news though, Mike Adams from Natural blows the lid off of this cover up and exposes the truth.

The stunning, jaw-dropping and tearfully devastating true story of the conventional cancer industry is unleashed in a new documentary called “Cut, Poison, Burn.” While celebrities like Michael Douglas are grabbing headlines by promoting the dangerous myths and false narratives of the cancer establishment,Cut, Poison, Burn lays out the rest of the story you’re never told.

If you’re angry about Monsanto and GMOs, you should be just as angry about the criminal cancer industry and how it exploits the bodies of men and women for profit.

Click here to watch the preview. The full film is available now from

5 thoughts on “Profiteering Cancer Industry Ripped Wide Open By Explosive Documentary ‘Cut, Poison, Burn’

  1. Don’t forget Angelina Jolie, who is being promoted as some kind of hero for disfiguring her body.

    Americans spend around 380 Billion a year on pharma drugs, and we must be one of the sickest–physically–nations on the planet.

  2. This is going to pee-pee people off in a big way, because like the article states,”just about everyone knows someone who has died from cancer.”

    When I was young (many moons ago) cancer was a fairly rare disease, and most people only had a distant knowledge of someone dying form it. Now everyone is losing family members needlessly, and when they realize their loved ones were allowed to die for pharma profits, they’re going to have a very different opinion of their doctor than they do right now.

    1. Yup. I can remember in the 50s-60s most people died of lung cancer from smoking. Funny thing is, the smoke didn’t kill them. The radiactive ingredients did(phosphates have radium in them). After WWII, farmers started using phosphates to fertilize their crops(plenty of phosphates left over from munitions manufacturing) Look what we have now.

  3. Look at the monsters behind the scam. Vile, greedy JEWS. These animals would sell their own mother for a dollar.

  4. If people would only show a little common sense, stop believing what the so-called ‘medical’ establishment is shoveling, and do some research for themselves, they might be surprised to find that not only is cancer easily preventable, but just as easily cured.

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