Project Camelot: Interview with Karen Hudes – World Bank Whistleblower

Published on Aug 1, 2013 by Project Camelot

This is my interview with Karen Hudes the Whistleblower from the World Bank. This is a wide ranging discussion covering her time at the World Bank and what led her to blow the whistle on the corruption she found there. In the process her view of the worldwide corruption widened to include governments and the overall monetary system.

We discuss the ‘backwardization’ of gold, the manipulation of the dollar and the need to replace the current fiat system with a gold or asset backed currency and the plans of the cabal to create chaos and institute the NWO.

Kerry Cassidy
Project Camelot

‘Get the truth out’

3 thoughts on “Project Camelot: Interview with Karen Hudes – World Bank Whistleblower

  1. I will listen to this one.
    Many of these interviewers on the internet do not know how to use the period.
    Their sentences are filled with and, uh, and uh, um, aaaa.
    To me these noises distract from the content of the information.

  2. I can only find the video.
    I can not waste 2 hours watching a video.
    Am converting to mp3 so I can listen while doing other tasks.
    I would like to see internet sites provide more audio.
    I do not need to see someones face to hear them.

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