Project Camelot: Supersoldiers – Michael Prince and Max Spears

Published on May 29, 2013 by jagbodhi

This interview may not be for everyone. It contains some rather shocking point blank statements by supersoldiers who are freely admitting that they are in service to the 4th Reich and are operating as assassins.

There is no doubt that this is some kind of statement from one faction of the cabal to a faction of the Rothschilds and to the world at large. I believe it would be safe to say, no interview of this nature has EVER taken place in quite this uncensored way and been made public.

This indicates a real change in tactics by the cabal. One might say gloves off…

Not to be missed.

Kerry Lynn Cassidy
Project Camelot

4 thoughts on “Project Camelot: Supersoldiers – Michael Prince and Max Spears

    1. She can be #1. She gets in there and digs deep though. Alot of the older whistleblowers she has interviewed in the past are passing away now.

      I’ve always been interested in knowing more about these Supersoldier programs and just how it fits in with the Elitist’s Satanic plans. I think “their” plans go to the core of what is turning our world upside down.

      I think Kerry did a great job with this interview. Max Spears contains the DNA of Bush Senior. He was created specifically for the Supersoldier program. Doesn’t he look and act like a Bush in his mannerisms? I think about this all the time when children disappear (abducted) and are never found.

      How can I change things knowing all this information, or what can I do? I don’t know … really. But it’s fascinating to know the world we live in as we know it, isn’t anything like the real world we’re actually living in. Which makes it difficult to have a conversation with people sometimes.

      . . .

      1. She gave one of the presentations at ConspiracyCon 2012, Cathleen. She’s a great speaker, very personable, even if don’t agree with some of her theories.

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