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By the time I started this blog back in November 2010, I already had a pretty good idea I’d eventually be leaving the city of Chicago to reside someplace else. And every once in a while, I’d query the “best places” to live in America- should TSHTF or not. While the area of southeastern Wisconsin I’m looking at moving to in a few years is probably not “ideal” (even less so the suburbs of Chicago) from a prepper’s perspective, practitioners of modern survivalism would probably see more positives than negatives with the location. Keeping in mind that not only do I envision a certain lifestyle for myself down the road, but I also think I have a pretty good idea of what will be required to “survive and prosper” in America in the coming years, this part of the Midwest really appears to be a nice fit not only for me but my girlfriend as well. Here’s hoping it is.

Truth be told, while I really should be focusing on finding and eventually nailing down a suburban residence in my remaining four months in the “Windy City,” I can’t help but check out properties north of the Illinois state line every once in a while to see what’s out there. Some nice 5-acre properties are available at what seem to be very reasonable prices.

If only my girlfriend and I could win the lottery. I mean, if only we could win the lottery sooner rather than later.

Check back Friday when I share a nice resource I came across recently while verifying the “Badger State” is the place to be for me.

By Christopher E. Hill, Editor
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4 thoughts on “Project Prepper: Why Wisconsin?

  1. Yep, land is reasonably priced – if it is hunting or farm land – It is scenic, and the hunting and fishing is good, and the people are prety decent too. I would go north – north west Wi though. Decent jobs are a prob. though. It does get damn cold inthe winter though hehehe.

      1. Aw man your the greatest #1. !!! here is one that I could not post but I did send to Henry. This is one of my favorites. Hope you enjoy. It is a Beauty……………………………………………. P.S Believe it or not – they would not let me go to that site that I posted above. I tried it and it would not go for me…. What it was was The Beverly Hillbillies season 1 episode 1. One of my favorites I hope you enjoy. One of those that I think people have forgot about

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