6 thoughts on “Project Veritas INFILTRATES ANTIFA: “Practice things like an eye gouge…injure someone’s eyes”

  1. That ‘ European connection ‘ is a Khazarian connection, but as a ( probably the only on this site ) guy born under Communism, in Eastern-Europe, I can assure you that we are…’ there ‘…as Russia was in 1917 and Romania & Co. ( Eastern-European Communist bloc ) was in ’45. It’s Now, or NEVER – the final battle for what’s left of freedom and liberty in the USA…I am a follower, because I came here legally, and I expect a better leadership from you, guys, born here…but I will die on my feet, than live ( again ) on my knee !!! So God help me/us !

  2. “You are not a racist. You have nothing to apologize for. Maybe you, like me, don’t notice the color of people’s skin. Maybe you, like me, notice how people act and what they say. That makes you an observer. An observer of clear minds and deranged minds embedded in every toning of skin, and we compare what we hear and see with the True-North inside of us. That makes you a sacred, self-reliant being, capable of separating distortion from fact. Facts provided by hard evidence or the precious facts of life according to you and the insights you have collected throughout a lifetime. … We do not sell out our True-North because the seas get stormy, since the only thing that can guide us into a safe harbor is our compass. … We bow to no man. We kneel before no mundane entity. We will not align to feudalism, mundane nor spiritual. Did you realize that you are that Lighthouse all along the battered coast? … We have no chaos – we have our internal compass… … Be a lighthouse that stands rock steady on a battered coast … show people that there still is love, morals, ethics, and a warrior’s self-conduct in this world…”
    — Soren Dreier


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