7 thoughts on “Proof That Donald Trump is Deeply Connected to George Soros

    1. A big thanks to Spike for posting this on another article in a comment. It is definitely worthy of having an actual post all its own, so thanks, David.

  1. From Wikipedia
    “Usury and slavery in present day-
    While the practice of direct slavery is widely banned across the world, in some places debt-slavery is still practiced.[41] A debtor who is found unable to repay a loan can be placed in a state of debt-slavery, a situation whereby their life and labors are directed by the lender until the debt is considered repaid.[42] Usury is often a major part of extending this slavery, not uncommonly assisting in extending the debt-slavery onto the children of the debtor, thus making slaves of multiple generations and promoting child labor.[43] Another form of or name for this practice is debt bondage.”

    chump is a joo b***h.

    1. In other words, indentured servitude? And believe it or not, sharecropping still exists in the US south. A guy named Devon Moore (if I remember right) and some Christian pastor guy wrote a book in the early 2000s called “Same Kind of Different as Me” about Moore’s experiences as a sharecropper from the 1930s to the 1960s when he left the reservation so to speak.

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