Propaganda Alert: Pennsylvanians ask feds to help disarm intimidating small-town militia

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The police chief of a small Pennsylvania borough has been temporarily removed from his post, but his opponents are far from satisfied. Now residents of a sparsely populated former coal town are asking the feds to intervene in fear of an armed revolt.

Gilberton, Pennsylvania Police Chief Mark Kessler made international headlines last month when his personal, profanity laced YouTube videos went viral, in turn exposing the world to a lawman seemingly intent with defending his Second Amendment right by any means necessary.  

Secretary of State John Kerry, that piece of shit traitor. Who is he to decide what we can and can’t own?” Kessler says in one clip where he argues in support of gun ownership. “And fuck the UN. Who are they to decide what we, the American people, can own?” the disgruntled officer asks.

Kessler uploaded a number of similar videos of himself screaming obscenities at the likes of Sec. Kerry and others, ending each episode by unloading dozens of automatic rounds in front of the camera. After repeated calls for official action, the city suspended him last week for using borough property for personal use. As he awaits the end of his suspension, though, his critics are asking for the government to give them a hand to ensure Kessler’s personal army — a homegrown militia called Kessler’s Constitution Security Force — doesn’t try to take control.

Tensions between Kessler and his critics have been high since before the videos began surfacing, but matters were only made worse last Wednesday when the chief asked his Constitution Security Force to surround the town meeting where his suspension was to be discussed.

When it came time to open the small borough building for the public meeting, these armed men blocked the doors and prevented people from going inside,” local reporter John Luciew wrote from the hearing.

I have been organizing for four decades. I have faced Klansmen in Kentucky, Ustase in Bosnia and police indiscriminately beating demonstrators in Italy. [Wednesday] night in Gilberton was more frightening than any of those situations,” Michael Morril of Keystone Progress told Huffington Post.

In all, around 100 members of the CSF — outfitted with AR-15 assault rifles — are said to have descended on the scene last Wednesday. Inside the borough hall, the handful of residents lucky enough to bypass Kessler’s security detail spoke of the chief’s intimidation tactics — and a petition signed by 20,000 people demanding Kessler’s termination was delivered to the council.

He’s a nut. I do not feel safe with him around at all,” resident Wade Greg Necker said, according to the Huffington Post. Another attendee, Gregory Grove, said of his wife: “She’s afraid of him. Kessler is a detriment to this borough.”

Gilberton Mayor Mary Lou Hannon said in a statement that she hopes Kessler returns in one month and the entire experience “does not leave a bad taste in his mouth.” It might never come to that, though, if a petition hosted on the White House’s ‘We the People’ webpage garners support in Washington.

Although Gilberton only holds around 700 citizens, nearly 900 people have already signed their names to a petition asking the Pennsylvania National Guard to come and disarm Kessler “and his thugs.”

Whereas, the Chief of Police of Gilberton, Pennsylvania have usurped the government of the Town of Gilberton through the use of arms and armed intimidation and Whereas, he has recruited armed vigilantes to block access to town meetings and further has threatened and intimidated town citizens who might speak out in opposition against him and Whereas he has posted videos threatening the life of Secretary of State John Kerry and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi; we the people of the United States call on the President of the United States, Barack H. Obama to order the federalizing of the Pennsylvania National Guard to go to Gilberton to disarm the Chief and his gang and restore law and order to the Town of Gilberton,” the petition reads in full.

Another 99,000-plus signees must add their digital autograph to the petition to garner an actual response from the White House, suggesting any action whatsoever from the Executive Branch isn’t likely to occur. Even if that goal isn’t reached by the time Kessler’s suspension ends, however, the negative attention he’s drawing from around the world to his tiny town could be enough to garner action, at least on a local level.

Meanwhile, Kessler’s supporters have started a campaign of sorts on their own — a “Support Mark Kessler” crowdfunding page has so far raised $2,367 for the suspended chief in just four days while he misses out on four weeks of pay.

20 thoughts on “Propaganda Alert: Pennsylvanians ask feds to help disarm intimidating small-town militia

  1. Well ,A sheriff that does get whats happening with a message that even the like of that traitor piece of shit John Kerry can understand. This is suppose to be a sovereign country so why are we concerned with any thing the UN has to say.Perhaps they need to read the Constitution the way it is written,not what they would like for it to say. I agree 100% with everything he said on the video provided! This government is out of control and only a brainwashed fool can’t see where this is leading to. Surveillance everywhere and growing,Militarized police state complete with shelter in place and door to door illegal searches,which is martial law,drones,cameras all over the place,free speech zones,Military and LEO’s working together,DHS,groping at airports,Armored personnel carriers,SWAT teams used for warrants on non violent crimes like student loans and Gibson Guitar,ETC. There does seem to be something going on here and its not for the betterment of freedom,its for the removal of same.The sheep in this country better start seeing the writing that is all over the walls.

  2. So this is Kesslers personal militia army – and I am all for the militia by the way. Yet he wants to be a cop? this just doesn`t ad up because he would have arrested or supported arresting people for unconctitional laws while he was a damned cop, and now he is getting cocky. Sounds like this Kessler is nothing more than a typical pig trying to blow a nut when the the feds wants to take away his gun rights but yet he goes aroud busting people for piddly little bogus charges hisself. This guy should support all of our rights instead of just the ones that he wants to just because he wants to. Can`t tell me that this Kessler pig didn`t ruin somebodies life while he was a cop as he was violating their rights as he is spouting off. This Kessler is nothing more than a big mouth pig.

  3. Read about this yesterday but was not sure if the story was true.
    Guess it is. Kessler is on the right path but need more townships
    to participate. Screw UN, Kerry, Dumbo, Holder and more.
    Oh yea, the guns Kessler was using, he donated them to the city.

    1. Yea Leita, but what about all of the rights of the people that he violated when he was a cop. You look at that and he is BS if he is only going off like he is when he doesn`t spout off for all of the other rights that we have when Kessler was a active cop. Kessler is just a simple loud mouthed blowhard pig, and I say that because he violated other peoples rights for so many years when he was a cop and now he thinks his word is so special like every cop think that their word is so special. Just where was he when it came down to protecting all of our other rights? Screw Kessler.

      1. Digs, I agree with you. Ever since I saw this guy posting videos and even shooting and wasting countless amounts of rounds for no reason at a time when ammo is scarce and his abusive cop-like attitude, I don’t see any good joining a guy who possess zero leadership quality other than maybe shooting a gun and leading some people into a battle that would very well likely lead to disaster.

        1. Yep NC, Kesler only wants to support those laws that he wants to support. I bet that if he was busted with drugs, poaching, or just sayin` anything else that he could be arrested for that he would expect to be let off just like most cops would expect to be let off just like cops most always expeect . Kessler is a pig in my best judgement. I mean after all look at how many peoples rights that he did violate when he was a cop and it didn`t seem to bother him one bit, but now look at the pig. Yes NC, I think that we and others do see through Kesslers BS, at least I sure do hope so anyway.

          1. It’s called “selective law enforcement” & one of the worst kinds. The word I am getting from some of the locals there concur with your suspicions, digger. His “militia” consists of his buddies & cronies.

            If one examines some small town reserve LEO’s, you’ll find the same sort of structured buddy network. A private local army of thugs can infringe on one’s rights just as badly as Federal thugs.

        2. Yeah digger and NC, I agree that Kessler is a pig. As most in the field of Law Infringement, I believe Kessler has a severe infection of “small dick syndrome” and is compelled to “get his rocks off” anyway he can, hence the bizarre behavior.

  4. Sounds like the people of Gilberton are asking the demons to protect them from the demons. I like what he said about Holder and the U.N. but the fact he is a cop means I automatically can’t trust him. The sad part is if Kessler does get fired the council will just replace him with someone who just as bad if not worse.
    Something about this article puzzles me tho….it states that the town of Gilberton only holds 700 people but the people managed to deliver a petition signed by 20,000 people demanding Kessler’s termination. Isn’t that about 19,300 more signatures than what the town is comprised of? Or maybe a borough is bigger than just the town. I dunno, just seemed kind of odd to me.

    1. Ok…so I went to Wikipedia (not that I really trust Wikipedia) and I managed to answer one of my own questions.
      The borough of Gilberton consists of a small area within which lies three villages, Gilberton being the largest. As of the census of 2000 the borough of Gilberton had 867 residents.
      Still doesn’t answer my other question…if there are only 700 people residing in the borough of Gilberton, where did they get 20,000 signatures on the petition demanding his termination?
      “Well Tammy, you can get anybody to sign a petition for anything.”
      That’s true, however, if the council of the borough of Gilberton is elected by the residents of the borough and the police chief is appointed by the council and only has jurisdiction within the borough itself why in the world would anyone go outside the borough to collect signatures that don’t freaking matter and shouldn’t be counted? And what about the people who reside in the borough and didn’t sign the petition and are on Kessler’s side? According to this article there are roughly 100 of them at least.
      Not that I’m defending this Kessler fella. I wouldn’t trust him enough to turn my back on him. I guess my point is that this article isn’t making any sense.

  5. I signed up to be a volunteer sheriff deputy…I did not do it to join the force and their evil ways I did it to infiltrate, possibly make changes from within..I guess I am a traitor too then, because I joined in…If you have evidence that kessler did something wrong in his duties, please post it. You people are strange to me, whether its kokesh, AJ, or whoever, you all sit on your ass doing nothing but posting on the internet putting anything and everything do you want, perfection? Jesus was perfection, but I see nothing mentioned here about it..Most people here are lost causes, and you guys are the most learned, dear God help me

    1. Hey there me, I do mot know of one F`n cop that is honest and if you do then you are foolin` yourself. If you saw one of your cop comrades haveing a beer and get in his car and drive home are you sayin` that you would arrest him for intoxicated driving `cause if not you are BS because you would anyone else. And I personally knew dope dealing cops and cops that were some of the biggest theives and, talk about a bunch of drunks well just look at your co-workers. I have Never heard of a honest cop in my life. Cops have only one thing one their mind and that is to bust someone and charge someone with the most crimes he can. Yea me, you just be a cop and go around with your monkey suit and act like your sh*t don`t stink and then bust people for unconstitutional laws. 🙁 You say that you joined your pd to infiltrate them?, then just how may of your cop buddies have you busted because you know damned well there are a lot of them. So me, I would love to know jusst how honest a cop you are by busting your cop buddies.

    2. Don’t worry about being a Traitor; you already made your decision & now you can live with it. If you knew some on here or actually read their posts, they are already actively involved. Accusing them of sitting on their azzes in a open comment section is nothing more than baiting a hook for your fishing expedition.

      As for being a infiltrator to change a already grossly corrupt LEO, you’ve already committed suicide. Good luck with your endeavors of change; the ones that you think will have your back will most likely put a bullet into it. I have yet to see a True Patriot do that to a fellow Patriot.

      I’ve heard the same excuse about “infiltrating” the various local government depts. From my experience with those individuals who did this, they end up stinking like the pile of sh!t they were infiltrating.

        1. Thanks, digger. I know there are some on FTTW that are actively working. Throwing us in with the likes of Zioturd Jones & Provocateur Kokesh is insulting. This person’s post is his/her justification & a mighty poor one. Using the perfection of Jesus Christ adds nothing. He/she might want to look at Scripture for what happened to Judas. He had help spilling his innards on the ground when he supposedly hung himself.

    3. A.J.?? Kokesh??

      Me, I hate to ask this, but you’re not very bright, are you?

      If you think everyone who pretends to be your friend actually is, you’re not going to live very long. Find someone a lot smarted than you and stay behind him.

  6. oldvet says: “staged event by the controlled opposition?”

    Give that man a cigar……I’ll bet this is all over the TV news, and this Kessler pig will escape when the Feds mow down his militia to set an example, or scare off Patriots from joining militias.

    I”ll admit that I haven’t looked into his personal history, but it’s very possible that he’s a Judas goat leading a bunch of Patriots to their doom, to help the government’s “futile to resist” program.

    It’s also possible that he’s doing the right thing and needs well-deserved support, so some personal knowledge of the man and his past actions are necessary, but without further research, I’m inclined to agree with Digger and the Spear. He’s a cop, so he can’t be trusted, and probably has a long history of trampling people’s rights himself.

  7. my life is pretty much an open book as with everyone else on this site. we come from varying socioeconomic backgrounds which includes all races. militias are forming alliances with people who you never thought would including law enforcement. so what’s a person to do, act like those in suits and speak calmly while their stabbing you in the back and not get mad because its not politically correct. the only difference is those fuc#%s have the resources to pretend they’re civilized. i too have a tendency to not trust leos because their minds have been altered through legalism that its difficult for them to make the transition from mans laws to god’s laws or even natural law but we sure as hell don’t need a bunch of limp wristed members. it has to be tempered by both being each has a purpose. this country is dying more ways than one. we are on the chopping block for extermination as are others worldwide. its easier to kill millions of people silently than fighting or trying to control them.

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