Propaganda Blitz to Minimize Unemployment Catastrophe in the US

The propagandists at CNN are running a piece that pretends to explain how the unemployment rate number is calculated.  This is an attempt to legitimatize the blatant fraud they have been reporting since the implosion of our economy.  The communists are making every effort to minimize the reality of the non-recovery.

There was a propagandist speaking through the stupid tube and talking to us like we are a group of third graders, which in truth only those with a third grade mentality are capable of believing anything coming out of the mainstream media.

The piece begins by asserting that there are a little more than 300 million people in the United States.  Not so, as there are 100 million illegal aliens that are not counted.  The propagandist goes on to say that after taking out the children, retired folk, and others (what others), the Bureau of Labor Statistics says that about half of us in the workforce have jobs and the other 13 million or so are unemployed.

So, there are only 26 million people in the US workforce?  The BLS, in 2009, reported that the American workforce consisted of 154,731,000 individuals in the civilian sector.  This one distortion should be enough to prove this propaganda for the lie that it is.  But let’s go a little further.  If the number in 2009 was 154,731,000, and the number today is 26 million, then that would have to mean that 128,731,000 people in the American workforce are either not being counted or are not Americans.

The next statement this petty propagandist makes is that the unemployment number is not calculated by the number of unemployment checks paid out.  This is a half-truth.  When you sign up for unemployment you have to be actively seeking work through the unemployment office and its job finding services, which are a joke and are paid for out of the unemployment funds.  When your unemployment runs out these private contractors automatically drop you from their program and you are added to those who are said to have dropped out of the workforce.

These are the facts.  40 million illegals are working US jobs.  Another 60 million illegals are siphoning off our social safety net.  Only 13 million American citizens still have jobs and that number is being reduced daily as the international corporate elite, assisted by the socialist insurgents that have taken over our government, continue to export our jobs, industry, and raw resources to other countries.

We can expect a propaganda blitz from both the false left and the false right for the next few weeks in an effort to minimize the ever worsening unemployment situation.  The only reason the truth has been brought forward in the degree that it has is because QE2, which devaluated the US dollar by 40% runs out on the 20th of June and the banksters want QE3 to devalue the dollar further.

You see the fiat currency issued by the foreign and unconstitutional Federal Reserve in coalition with the international controlled US Stock Market are the apparatuses being used to pump our wealth out of the United States.  Every once in a while, the books have to be balanced so that the international elite can cut up the stolen US wealth equitably among themselves.

The longer we let this sham go on the harder it will be to correct, but correct it we must or we will wind up like the Weimar Republic with our children starving in the streets of our nation of plenty.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

4 thoughts on “Propaganda Blitz to Minimize Unemployment Catastrophe in the US

  1. CNNs’ ratings are also in the toilet, swirling around the basin faster by the day. How this garbage propaganda machine stays’ afloat is testament to the idiots that watch it.

  2. After adjustments (corrections) to March and April figures, the total US employment increase was only 20,000 over the three months (March, April, & May),

    That means the increase per state (50 states) was 400 jobs, or only 4 JOBS PER STATE PER DAY. (I’ve rounded the figures).

    I don’t think there’s a state with less than a few hundred people in state jobs tasked with increasing hiring in their states; they don’t seem highly effective.

  3. Kudos Mr. Shivley: Excellent expose’

    The actual unemployed and underemployed is 18% approximating the Great Depression.

    As thousands benefits expire they are dropped from the staatistics.

    The monthly Dep’t of Labor G6 reports the underemployed, part time wanting full time and discouraged having moved in with aunt Martha on the farm.

    Our great leader is bringing a communist revolution to your neighborhood.

    Right on Mr. Shivley – WRITE ON!

    Respectfully, Yoda

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