Propaganda Gone Wild

Michele Obama is the hippest first lady we’ve had since Jacky Kennedy.  The Beastie Boys have been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, as has Guns n Roses, however their former lead singer asked not to be included as he is still sore in reference to the issues that caused him to leave the band years ago…..and Nero fiddled as Rome burned.

The GSA scandal continues to grow out of proportion as a key figure involved says he will take the 5th Amendment when questioned by Congress.  The GSA apparently has a slush fund made up of revenues that the government receives for renting out government owned buildings.  So, we have a government agency partying out on monies from its secret slush fund.  Who’d a thunk it?

Members of a Secret Service detachment that went to Columbia with Barry Soetoro are in hot water for failing to pay a prostitute and everyone is aghast.  Come on people, knock it off.  Of course when a group of gangsters goes to Columbia to have a sit-down with another group of gangsters, there are going to be prostitutes.

We are now being inundated with tabloid drivel designed to make us put other issues into the past, like the signing of the National Defense Authorization Act of 2012 with Sections 1021 and 1022 authorizing military arrests and indefinite detention for American citizens without due process of the law and HR 347 no-Trespass Bill to insure that if we get up on the soapbox to complain about the removal of our Bill of Rights from the Constitution we can be arrested for merely speaking out at a forbidden venue.

There is also the National Defense Resources Preparedness Executive Order which allows the government to seize not only our property, but we the people as property.  And of course there is always the omnipresent blatant election fraud designed to insure that the socialist insurgency remains the status quo.

Which brings us full circle, back to the petty theft dominating the mainstream newscasts.  The petty thefts that have been going on for a hundred years.  The petty thefts that are supposed to divert our attention from the massive theft of $36 trillion of our wealth, taken by the international corporate mafia through its central banksters who have been assisted by Ben Bernanke and the Kosher Mafia that is the Federal Reserve.

These mental midgets that make up the propaganda machine actually think they can run us through obstacle courses like dogs at a dog show.  The fact is the mainstream media has become laughable in its essence. Its talking heads are nothing more than a troop of clowns conducting a circus for their own entertainment because we the people are no longer listening to them.  As for those still ignorant enough to believe anything these propagandists are saying, well we are getting ready to cleanse our country and we will be sure to throw them out with the wash water.  For now we will just simply treat them with scorn and distain wherever we find them.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

4 thoughts on “Propaganda Gone Wild

  1. Barry Soetoro’s wifey can’t put enough lipstick on the ‘pig’ that is the clear and present danger to America, in the incarnate form of her CIA stooge hubby, usurper of TRUTH and protector of Israel.

    that danger being an Israeli controlled DICTATORSHIP.

  2. Let’s see, how many people during King Obamas’ rule have taken the 5th in the last four years? This dictatorship of tyranny is as corrupt as it gets. You could write a book about how many have.

    Why don’t we start with the asswipes over at Solandra…..A couple from Eric Holders department, then there are the traitors over art Franne and Freddy….Hmmmmm

    Up next will be the secret service goon squad who’s credibility as the” best protection in the world” just got a free tour of an uncleaned outhouse sitting in 110 degree heat.

  3. Wait until the hucksters in government and industry are no longer able to plead the 5th Amendment because the Constitution has been used by Michele to wipe her butt. These corrupt pr#%s are enjoying stealing from us our honor, our dignity and our money. Can we borrow those soldiers who pissed on the dead Afghanis? They missed the real enemy…

  4. I can not improve on this Henry Shivley write up on the White house miscreant crew being a circus diversion from the more sinister agenda being played out in Bush/Rockefeller cokeville. All we need is a respectful street cocaine market and we will be burying each others’ kids every Sunday, being hustled out of the chapel in preparation for the next funeral. The American cocaine sales network is facilitated and transported by government agencies. Having had these drugs at my fingertips for over 40 years provides all the evidence I would need to convict the lot of a pathological aggression against naive youth and adults.
    Legalize the weed but life without parole for cocaine and heroine dealers. Starting with Vince Foster’s ‘friends’ and other government officials, especially the ones covering for THEIR friends, and past presidents still drawing breath.

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