Propaganda in the US Losing its Shock and Awe

With the Supreme Court decision to uphold Obamacare and the Eric Holder contempt charges almost a full week behind us now, the international corporate mafia and their propaganda machine are falling prey to their own tactics.

The psychological programming that has been initiated over the past twenty years has been centered on an acceleration of a false reality, punctuated with graphic portrayals of the most heinous activities human kind is capable of.  The desired effect is a two week emotional memory span wherein psychological trauma quickly diminishes and the people, as a whole, return to their base consciousness, thoughts, and concerns.

I believe this scenario is causing major problems for our enemies as we head towards the GOP Convention in August and the General Election in November.  So called major events that would have swayed the minds of those who made up the generation before us are being processed quickly and put in their proper perspective.

Considering what we have seen in the last couple of months, we should be completely confused, but we are not.

Rand Paul endorses Mitt Romney followed by three days of outrage and another four days of processing, and the response is pretty much unanimous. We are going to support and back Ron Paul up and until he either wins or openly refuses our support.  After which we will take our country back by force.

The unconstitutional Obamacare is redefined as a tax and upheld by the Supreme Court.  Shock and outrage out the gate, but within a week the consensus is clear.  We will not obey.  We will elect Ron Paul and if we are disenfranchised and denied that right, we will take our country back by force.

Eric Holder is found in contempt by Congress and the Justice Department refuses to prosecute.  Outrage once again, for about a week, and we are right back where we started with we will elect Ron Paul as our president.  And if we are disenfranchised and denied that right, we will take our country back by force and Eric Holder will be prosecuted to the full extent of our law.

There is not much left for our enemies to invoke except World War III.  And you know what?  Go ahead and try it and within a week we will be more determined than ever to elect Ron Paul as our president.  And if we are disenfranchised and denied that right, we will take our country back by force, end the war, and punish the traitors.

We have become unstoppable in our determination to reinstate our Republic under our Constitution with freedom, liberty, justice, and prosperity for every American national of the American race.

I tell you, international elitists, your resistance to our will is futile.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

12 thoughts on “Propaganda in the US Losing its Shock and Awe

  1. What you write about is about the end of civilization, look at the corrupt entitled banks being found to manipulate the libor (london inter bank rate) which underlies hundreds of trillions in loans worldwide for mortgages, businesses, college, trade etc. A financial collapse is inevitable as socialism has run out of money, the governments have taken on too much debt from their private banking entitled elite and the usury they have to pay is unsustainable even at 0%.

    All Governments are seriously broke, all banks are broke. Ron Paul keeps telling us and so far we have refused to listen to him.

    When you run out of money and you cannot borrow then you are broke and the lights go out. This is the end of the line for civilization it cannot get much more uncivilized. That is why the urgently want a war to take the blame for the crash away from the entitled, but lets ensure it will be the end of their civilization, these entitled ones that have stolen everything and demand Ron Paul immediately be instated as President.

    All of us should within our ability stock up on essentials, think about barter items, have some spare cash, think about friends, be prepared. Do not keep your cash locked in the bank as digitally they can and will seize it, be your own independent central bank.

    July 4th could yet be independence day from these scum, just in case let today be your independence day and celebrate with family and friends on the 4th!

  2. “…we will take our country back by force…”

    yeah, I’d like to see that one, considering how cowardly most Americans are. In the old days (like, around the 1770s and 1780s, when men were really men), 3 percent could actually accomplish something.

    Today, the “3 percenters” have to not only fight the most powerful military on earth, but also: the “Romans 13 crowd” (obey the govt or else), the CZ evangelicals (because to support the Rethuglicans is to support Israel), the consumerist zombies, the wannabe psychopaths, bullies, who always want something for nothing, the totally apathetic (about 30 percent of the population)…and THEN we have to fight the mercenaries for the bankster oligarchs!

    Good luck with the taking back by force, but the founding fathers fighting the Brits will seem like a day at the beach by comparison. But don;t worry, I won’t be just sitting on the fence here.

    1. While I praise Henry for his spirit and am with him 100%, I also agree with DL. There are just too many stupid people out there who are selfish and would rather be bullies and all want government handouts or something for nothing. Plus, to think that the Military Industrial Complex and the bankers don’t have mercenaries is just plain naive. DON’T FORGET, back in 1776, the communications grid didn’t have a spy camera or video camera on every corner of a building linked up to a central network for all to see and catch you in the act even before getting near a facility. The days of sneaking in and infiltrating places is over. The only way to defeat these guys is an EMP blast or some way of disrupting their live spy cam feed. Otherwise, there’s proof everywhere of what you are trying to do before you even do it and the cops, let alone the mercenaries, will be on you in minutes. Word of the wise, always remember, the first thing in warfare is to take out the communications grid. Then the weapons and then the food supplies. The rest falls in place. I have a feeling some country will release an EMP bomb on us and that will officially end our “high security status” and apparatus in this country and the looting and revolution to take back our country would start very quickly from there. When communications are down, you know the invasion will start and so does our paranoid government.

      1. NC,
        You hold a high opinion of our opposition, or at least the technology. But remember, it was our minds that developed the technology and the counter technology to defeat a $10 billion weapons system is waiting for us for $2 at Radio Shack.
        As for the assholes and idiots, they really do not impress me as their cowardice plays largely in their compliance.
        We, the armed patriots of the United States, represent an army far larger than all the others around the world put together, and many times over.
        I believe that in consideration of the pent up anger we now harbor, when lightening finally strikes the shit house this thing is going to go in directions none have predicted. It will be ugly but math dictates that our victory is assured.

        1. Henry, I’m with you, brother. Those bastards have taken everything that I have loved away from me. I’m not afraid of them or their technology, but they’re not gonna like me, well armed and out for blood, waitin’ for their evil ass.

    2. Remember, our troops are Americans, not British, and they have taken an Oath to defend America, not the power elite.
      They are Patriots..
      To Liberty!!!

  3. ” And if we are disenfranchised and denied that right, we will take our country back by force, end the war, and punish the traitors.”


  4. Absolutely right on !!
    The corruption and vote-rigging against Dr. Paul led some commentators to claim RonPaul republicans would vote for obummer. Not on your life!!
    But with the SupremeCourt’s illegal upholding of obummerscare, the option of voting Democrat went right out the bankrupt window. So there is no voting-for-the-lesser-of-2-evils because both preznit candidates reside in the same nadir of hades. We are backed into a corner of corruption and depravity.
    If the Rethugs further cheat RonPaul out of the nomination, I will do as I did in 2008 – write in Ron Paul for President !!! Please do likewise

  5. I totally agree with NC. EMP’s would be the most effective way of leveling the playing field, especially when martial law is declared. It would take out all of the government’s electronically based high tech weaponry, leaving them with only the good old fashioned option of guns and bullets. We could do that.

  6. This shit is much bigger than you or I. The one certain fact is that socialist governments have run out of money and now rely on money printing. It is called check kiting, you are broke and cannot pay your bills so you resort to writing yourself checks. How long do you last doing this. A week, a month, six months maximum until people that you owe money to catch on as you will have to always write larger checks to yourself each time if you are to cover living expenses in the meantime.

    The US government is no different, they are check kiting on a bigger scale. It will end and so will their debt system and everything that you think you own and are entitled to. It will seem like the end of civilization.

    Be your own survival center and be prepared to take the country back when the collapse comes.

    Chances are there will be no one to pay the army, the DHS, the TSA, the IRS, the FBI or the courts because paper wealth check kiting will no longer be printed.

    Try to be safe, to be secure, have friends, have provisions and have faith.

    Ron Paul for president and return power to the people away from the degenerate spawns that have brought this world to the edge of collapse!

  7. Seeing the lack of preparedness for the electric grid going down in the northeast, it reminds me how government is really not all that prepared for any crisis. I’m not afraid of this government. Also, seeing how some students from UT hacked into a drone recently, I understand where you are coming from on the Radio Shack thing. I’m with you Mr. Shivley.

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