Prosecution Calls Teenage Kids of January 6’er to the Stand As Witnesses Against Him

Gateway Pundit – by Cara Castronuova

Only in Biden’s America would the FBI and DOJ use a man’s own teenage children to record and testify against him! 

Guy Reffitt, pictured in the courtroom drawing below, wept uncontrollably as he listened to his son Jackson Reffitt testify against him this past Friday.

As America and the rest of the world fixate on Ukraine and Putin in the East, the Biden Regime of the West conveniently and quietly started their first January 6th trail last week against an American Citizen.

“The world is furious over Putin’s persecution of Ukranians, but what about the political persecution going on right here in the United States in a courthouse in Washington, DC as we speak?”, asked Tina Ryan of Citizens Against Political Persecution.

Reffitt (who never entered the Capitol building on January 6th) has not seen his son or the rest of his family since he was arrested on January 19th of 2021. He has been held at DC Gulag since. His son’s testimony against him was the first time he had seen the boy in over a year.

Jackson, the son of the defendant, is the Department of Injustice’s key witness in the case they have built against his father.

According to Nicole Reffitt, the wife of Guy Reffitt and mother to Jackson Reffitt:

“Jackson recorded his family home for 8 days following his Dad’s return from DC, and many of the recordings were Jackson provoking his dad into debate, and out and out purposely provoking his dad…all at the behest of the FBI.”

See pics and the rest here: Gateway Pundit

3 thoughts on “Prosecution Calls Teenage Kids of January 6’er to the Stand As Witnesses Against Him

  1. If he didn’t enter the Capitol, why was he arrested? Not only did the cabal ruin this guy’s life, but he lost his son forever. He should never have backed the Trumpster.

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