Protest Turns Into RIOT At DONALD TRUMP Rally, Costa Mesa, CA

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A protest at a Donald Trump rally in Costa Mesa, CA, turned into a riot, as the mob of people began to smash up police cars and tried to flip them over.  

Another car, apparently driven by a Trump supporter, spun donuts through the protesters before eventually speeding off, knocking over some protesters in the process.

Many of the protesters flew Mexican flags while flipping everyone off and shouting “F*** TRUMP!”

The protesters flooded the streets, blocking intersections, nearly getting run over at several points by irritated drivers.

Progressives Today

2 thoughts on “Protest Turns Into RIOT At DONALD TRUMP Rally, Costa Mesa, CA

  1. Wow… a riot? Who paid for this one? What does it cost to get a good riot going these days?

    Maybe the insurance companies that pay for the damage should sue George Soros for funding it. (no state prosecutor will ever touch him, and the insurance companies probably know that any judge will dismiss the case).

    What we need is a genuine, unfunded riot of angry Americans. That’s the only riot that will end with guilty parties hanging from trees.

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