Protesters Breach Minneapolis Police’s 3rd Precinct, Set Fires Inside

May 28, 2020
The Minnesota National Guard announced about 40 minutes later that 500 soldiers are heading to Minneapolis, St. Paul and surrounding suburbs to “protect life, preserve property and the right to peacefully demonstrate,” Frank Vascellaro, Amelia Santaniello, and David Schuman report (5:38). WCCO 4 News – May 28, 2020

7 thoughts on “Protesters Breach Minneapolis Police’s 3rd Precinct, Set Fires Inside

  1. The arsonist’s ex-wife recognized him and reported him tonight online: He’s a COP with the St. Paul Police Dept.!

    Chauvins next door neighbors didnt even know he was a cop. is it possible he stopped being a cop years ago and was just a security guard hired by Soros to play a cop?
    I dont believe Floyd is dead. His family is not acting like they just lost a loved one at all.
    Plus did you all see it WAS a cop…Jacob Pederson that started the rioting by breaking the windows and setting the fires?

    False Flag?
    Trying to light off a race war
    Hoax ?
    Starting to look like it
    This Pig
    And the guy he supposedly murdered worked security together elsewhere
    These fags know each other

    1. They are absolutely working to make this a race war, but I don’t see them succeeding. And if this is a false flag, I guess everybody should just go home and take up their previous positions as corporate subjugated slaves.
      I see Hair Trump talking about shooting people, but hey, let us not take up arms and shoot back because it is a false flag. It is a hoax. Let’s get the f-k back in our houses and get locked down like we are supposed to be.
      Once again, that communist son of a bitch Trump has threatened to shoot at the people who dare to touch the corporate property because the corporation is what those blackwater sons of bitches are there to protect.
      Just like the battles in the streets their propaganda only succeeds if we allow it to. If this corporate whore government threatens any American nationals with their mercenary soldiers, those mercenary soldiers should be met with overwhelming armed total destruction. There aren’t enough of them to make this into a race war, that is again, unless we allow it.
      If this was a hoax, let us make sure in history they rue the day they made the mistake of trying such a hoax. Or should we just shut this f-king site down and join the 3%ers and OathKeepers and get the f-k up to Minnesota to protect the corporate ruling class? Because that is all I have ever seen in this country on every occasion. If they want war we either fight or run. That is absolute tactical reality.

    2. I am at present listening to John Harrington, MN Public Safety Commission.
      The message I am hearing is that we must secure the right of the people to peacefully complain, while at the same time crushing all those who act out in violence.
      I guess the precedent must be set for the implementation of mandatory vaccination and mandatory slave masks.
      I know you are a patriot and prepared to fight, but I tell you this, I don’t intend to peaceably protest the vaccines when they come to kill me, because it is my right to employ deadly force in defense of my life.
      They look ridiculous as they try to enter race into the equation in a desperate attempt to divide the massive united force who has just told them to f-ck off on their false flag lock-downs.
      The situation is fluid and which way it goes depends as much on us as it does on the actions of the enemy. The enemy’s own momentum can be turned against them in the middle of a battle with the right moves, and that is what we should be looking at, because no matter what else, every f-king cop out there and every f-king national guardsman is a corporate mercenary that they are going to try to establish as a legitimate control mechanism in our streets. More than likely those who are wreaking the havoc are not but a handful of provocateurs and like Seattle in 1999 the provocateurs will be pulled and those who dared to tell them to f-k off on the covid 19 false flag will be beaten down. You see they couldn’t beat them down for refusing to obey unlawful orders so they have created a situation where they can. Those people should take up arms and show them that no they can’t.
      This is what I see and don’t stop talking because we all need to get this figured out together.

      1. “I know you are a patriot and prepared to fight, but I tell you this, I don’t intend to peaceably protest the vaccines when they come to kill me, because it is my right to employ deadly force in defense of my life.“

        Yes sir I am
        And I fully on board with what your saying ( I assumed you directed that statement at me )
        I will also refuse, and fight to THEIR death

        I’m wondering when they will hurt someone dear to me
        Because once that occurs all bets are off

      2. Lawyers have told Floyd’s family members to keep their mouths shut, millions of dollars are at stake.

        I heard Floyd call out to his mother as he was being murdered, I dont think that was faked.

        But, WTF do I know?

        I also watched the pigs LIFT HIM ON TO THE GURNEY, he was deader than Janis Joplin at that point, they lifted him like a bag of potatoes. There would have been too much pain, because he was cuffed, he would have shown pain, he showed nothing, he was one dead mother fkr.

        I’ve had my neck stepped on before while on the ground in a fight, everything I saw brought back some shit… just don’t see faked here at all..

        This shit was a real murder..

        1. well , i really cant say any more , if faked or not, or if parts were faked or not

          but what i do know is what their intent was , and that was to start a race war

          and i also dont believe in coincidences , these two know each other and that just cant be ignored

          wonder if any one of them cashed a Soros check ?

  2. Quote I recently came across:

    “If your path demands you to walk through hell, walk as if you own the place.”
    — Author Unknown


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