4 thoughts on “Protesters clash with police in downtown Rockford, Illinois

  1. I’m in Rockford alot, this is a first. Illinois pays huge taxes, they have too, alot of Illinois mayor’s and governor’s are sitting in prison and have to be fed.

    Look at all the masks! What does that tell ya! Tells me these cowards are getting paid…

    1. Hi Mark,

      Hope all is well for you,… let me know when your in my area!

      PROTESTERS: Yeapppp,…. ALL paid actors. Notice, I didn’t see a single black in the crowd, and I can tell by the looks of these slobs, the only time most of them have ever seen a black guy was on tv or in a movie, yet,… the’re protesting for what??? (Look at the sign the kid is carrying at the very beginning of the video,…. a white crowd of people protesting for ethnic group they would not be caught dead hanging out with!,… yeah,… ok, no problem with this theater!)

      JD – Funny, another protest for Blacks,… by an all white crowd that doesn’t seem to have a single black friend. Good Job Soro’s!

      1. HI JOHN

        Yep. You know I will, New employer now, should be going alot depending on rates. Hope all is well. I know your eating well, im sure your home garden is gigantic, and can’t wait to see your outdoor kitchen. Last one was incrediable. Friggen resort living in New Jersey goin on over there.

        Can’t wait to check this place out.

  2. Wow that looks so staged. Like a staged scene from a movie being filmed in an old parking lot area and directed by some guy in the distance.

    Have a person get a little physical. Cue the police and riot squad….And….CUT! That’s a WRAP!

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