Protesters dwarf ‘America First!’ supporters 100 to 1 at Laguna Beach rally


A meeting to honor victims of crimes allegedly committed by illegal immigrants sparked a counter protest at California’s Laguna Beach on Sunday.

Supporters of the ‘America First!’ rally numbered an estimated 20 people. 

Outnumbering them by some distance were more than 2,000 counter protesters, reports the LA Times, who showed up in opposition to the meeting.

“Immigrants help make America great” and “Dump Trump” were amongst the signs being carried by the counter protestors, which included members of the Democratic Socialists of America.

Laguna Beach police reported two arrests at the meeting, which saw a heavy police presence at the famous boardwalk, including mounted police.

4 thoughts on “Protesters dwarf ‘America First!’ supporters 100 to 1 at Laguna Beach rally

  1. They were all illegal aliens, that whole part of the country is wet backs. NOW you know what infiltration looks like.

  2. They should have asked ppl for there papers there and started loading up the wagons and shipping them back.

  3. Just goes to show you those of us that understand what makes america great have JOBS and dont have time to protest

  4. This is full court press. But maybe given enough rope… You know the rest.

    All I can think of is that old anti-war plea: PLEASE UNF**K THE WORLD!!

    Ugly and evil are so toxic; I feel poisoned. Yet today, watching the eclipse high up on a mountain I saw it, the potential of love and the courage it fosters. And I, in the midst of a troubled and darkening world saw light and it radiated hope. Slowly, I am growing into my trencher uniform. Still scared, but less scared than when I first entered the trenches. Progress is better than standing still.


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