Protesters in DC take barriers from monuments and dump them at White House gates

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As the Bobtail trucker convoys entered the heart of Washington DC this morning, Metropolitan police recognized that truckers were in an organized formation, and signaled their support to constitutional truckers.

Ernest “General” Lee said on GNM Live this morning, “This is incredible. Police gave us a salute, they are in support”. 

Across the way, demonstrators in support of US Veterans first gathered at the WWIILincolnand Iwo Jima Memorials. Teams of protesters dismantled government-imposed barriers at the monuments, and proceeded to carry them towards the entrance to the White House. Updates from the ground this morning…

At 9:30am EST:According to GMN reporter, a veteran and former US Marine Will Gonzalez, “Police are helping block the roads for us. They are definitely supporting us. There are at least a few hundred people walking from the WWII memorial towards the White House.”

At 11:15am EST: Groups of people tore down the government barriers, and began to occupy the Lincoln Memorial monument. GMN live reported that hundreds of protesters headed on foot, from Washington DC’s the WWII and Lincoln Memorials towards the White House. See this video captured by videographer Annette Beland:

At 12:05pm EST: Groups of demonstrators took down the barriers from the both WWII and Lincoln Memorials, and then carried them over the White House and dumped them in front of the White House gates.

(IMAGE: Iwo Jima Redux: Barriers taken down by US Veterans in defiance of the White House’s memorial shutdown orders)

According to GMN reporter Will Gonzalez, “A group of police with masks and full riot gear moved between us and the White House, but after the crowd shouted ‘shame on you’, the police backed away”.

Despite false rumors circulating on social media, and trending terms on Twitter of “police tear gas”, and “police violence” – the police on horseback and 7-10 police did not engage with demonstrators at the White House this morning.

This video was posted, which shows metal barriers in a pile in front of the White House, as police are confronted by demonstrators:

Police also wheeled a toy that has become a common sight in cities around the US, their LRAD vehicles in a show of force (photo below):

Police also seemed to be ready for mass detention with tie-wraps, despite the peaceful nature of the protest (photo below):

Police Confront Peaceful Million Veteran March

Published on Oct 13, 2013 by Biased Propaganda

Police confront peaceful Million Veteran March.
October 13, 2013


7 thoughts on “Protesters in DC take barriers from monuments and dump them at White House gates

  1. Are the nay sayers reading this? cops saluting the drivers? If this wasn’t an unmitigated success, then what is? I can guarantee you that this is just the first step. More to follow as things progress…. I pray our young people are learning something here. Hopefully putting their smartphones away and standing tall.

    1. How can the local, regional, and national main media fail to show this?
      Perhaps there will come a time again, when they will have to report….it like it is…just as was done with the anti-war,anti-racial demonstrations during the 60’s…….As live as it could get then, the Nam War was all over the evening news for years………
      I suspect Mark…NV could easily be correct……..that this is just the beginning………hopefully groups of citizens on foot will start to demonstrate against OBAMA……and his criminals………
      And the youth will not have to go off to fight as I did in Jan 69…to Nam………
      I will never loose confidence that the people of our land can gain back what has been lost in my life time since the end of the Sec..WW
      of our freedoms and also the possibility of having some representatives on the Nat level who will …do the right thing, for all of US………
      Robert Beason……Nam vet, Army………incountry 1969

  2. Thank you, Mark, for breaking the news on constitutional truckers ride to D.C.

    Thank you, Paraclete, for notifying us of the million vets march on D.C.

    Thank you, Cathleen, for bringing us these fabulous updates.

    ♥ our Veterans. Long live the republic!

    1. Semper Fi Enbe! They will have to get used to seeing the Faces of Liberty in D.C. more and more. I love how the cops stood down today! Long live the Republic my friend.
      . . .

  3. F**K YA!!!! Tear down those barriers and send those government bastards to jail! Good for the police in backing down!

    Damn this makes my day! Thanks Mark for posting. Keep up the good work! Once again, the MSM will not televise the truth and will make up all the lies in the world.

    You all heard it here on From the Trenches! We the people HAVE and WILL CONTINUE TO PREVAIL!!!

    On the contrary, I shouldn’t get over-excited as we all know these bastards will not stop and therefore we must be on the look-out for a counter attack and be prepared for them.

  4. In the last video with the riot police,

    1. Why was that old guy with the police questioning that veteran on the left out of all people? And did you hear them tell the people to put the flag down because they felt threatened by it? GOOD! Because it is the flag that symbolizes our freedom and if they feel threatened by our freedom, then that just proves they are nothing but Nazi/Communist thugs and if they don’t like it, then get the HELL OUT OF OUR COUNTRY!!!!

    2. Did you guys see the looks of fear on those officers faces? It was awesome! There wasn’t enough of them and the people were even saying, “There’s not enough of them to handle all of us”. That’s the spirit!

    We outnumber them millions to one and the more we emphasize and enforce that truth, the quicker we can get rid of these treasonous bastards and restore our Republic!

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