Protestors mowed down by police vehicle like ragdolls


DETROIT (INTELLIHUB) — Protesters from the Black Lives Matter movement were mowed down and flailed through the air by a police squad car on Sunday evening after being told to make way by the officer driving.

The unruly crowd taunted and terrorized a police officer attempting to make his way down a public street before one marauder smashed the rear window of the vehicle which prompted the officer to respond by punching the gas pedal to the metal striking the protesters with a 5,600-pound vehicle.

Protesters could be heard screaming and panicking in response to the officer’s actions people tumbled to the ground like rag dolls.

A closer look at the video reveals the rear window had been smashed.


4 thoughts on “Protestors mowed down by police vehicle like ragdolls

  1. You know, I dont car who is driving or what affiliation they have… But when you jump on someones vehicle like that one of two things tends to happen and they just learned that.

  2. Where were their rocks?
    I mean they must be Palestinians. Right?
    If you got the balls to jump on a cop car or smash windows… Why not drop adequate ballistics in the aluminium or plastic doors? These people are coming to a fight with their fluoride riddled brains tied behind their backs.

    If these people really wanted to defund cops they would erase the pensions associated to said funding obligations.

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