Protests In Fullerton Over Acquittal Of Police Officers Who Killed KellyThomas And The FBI To Investigate Officers

Before It’s News – by N. Morgan

The citizens of Fullerton protested the acquittal of the 2 officers, who killed Kelly Thomas. I was glad to see this! It is a beginning in a long road of justice for Kelly and his family.

Protesters blocked Commonwealth had Highland Avenues in Fullerton during a protest Saturday against the acquittals of two former officers charged in the death of Kelly Thomas.  

The FBI has decided to investigate the officers who were acquitted, in the beating death of Kelly Thomas. The FBI wants to see if Mr.Thomas’ civil rights were infringed upon. YES, they were! This is wonderful news! There needs to be further investigation!

14 thoughts on “Protests In Fullerton Over Acquittal Of Police Officers Who Killed KellyThomas And The FBI To Investigate Officers

  1. rt said the charge was involuntary man slaughter. from what i could see in the full video it was pre-meditated murder.

    1. That`s right. It had to be obvious to every one on that bought off jury that it was premeditated murder and in fact I would have to consider that it was gangland style murder and that would even make it more serious.And then to think about it, there were weapons being used.

    1. Yes Paul, that is what it looks like to me. If these is a street gang with3 or 4 people with them and they got guns knives, and batons they would shurely be called a gang related style murder. Sad isn`t it Paul 🙁 😎

      1. yes it is sad. the people carrying signs in the street there should in stead bring TRUE justice to these criminals. if you know what i mean.

          1. One thing is for sure.If there is ever any real justice doled out to the murderous thugs in the patrol cars and littering our streets of ameriKa it will be star chamber style because the courts for the most part protect these murdering bastards!

  2. What is realy bad is when these POS cops do get sent away is that they will probobly have proctive custody with special privledges instead of beimg put right i the middle of the general population of prisoners like every one else would be put.

  3. wow.

    I’m SURE this will be resolved to everyone’s satisfaction, now that the FBI is going to look into it.


  4. Damn, those protest signs sure get a lot of things changed for the
    FBI?!?. Bringing in the predators to investigate the predators?!?
    Talk about the twilight zone.


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