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Proud Parents

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10 Responses to Proud Parents

  1. Atrax says:

    Your son is mentally ill, and you, as parents are engaging in child abuse.

  2. Angel-NYC says:

    “Desmond Is Amazing and the Art of Raising a Child Drag Queen”

  3. Koyote says:

    That boys daddy needs to experience “gender neutrality” with common fireworks…..

  4. mary in ND says:

    looks anorexic as well

  5. Bud Fox says:

    Daddy needs to learn more about gender in prison…as somebody’s bitch. Mommy needs to watch…the idiot kid, too. Maybe then they’ll figure it all out.
    These are the people who vote.

  6. 'ol stewbum says:

    The future psychologist’s bills will be fabulous as well!

  7. flee says:

    Kill them.

    I mean the parents.

    The boy may still be salvageable.

    Ok Jesus. .

    We could use a little help here now.

    I’m sorry …. but the # you dialed is no longer in service .

    Please hang up and try again

  8. galen says:

    I wish I was just enraged, but this one made me cry.



  9. Bill in IL says:

    If you spank your children, you get DCFS showing up, taking your children and putting you in jail. However, if you raise a pervert, it’s all good. Strange world we live in.

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