5 thoughts on “PSA: Stay Alert This Weekend

  1. The blame is placed on those who are the biggest threat to organized communism. And that threat comes in ALL colors.


  2. oh no.. repercussions? consequences? retaliation? in response to criminal communist terrorism!!?? whoda thunk it!?? unfortunately, he’s fullashit. White people don’t do stuff like that. any of us with any kinda sense know that their dumasses aren’t the real enemy. we don’t go online talking about all the David Allen Coe shit we gawn do! oh sure.. always someone but that threat is really insignificant.. AND even the 8 dumasses that Do think that way Do know how vilified the media will make them and they’d certainly be made an example of WHEN caught.. not if.. when. he’s riling up blacks to think that all Whites are secretly plotting to Kill Em All!! he’s a fukin terrorist commie instigator. wouldn’t surprise if something “really” does happen.. and we know exactly who it’d really be.. your hint.. 3 letters.

  3. What a load of bullsh.t ! Yeah, man, talk about ‘ white supremacists ‘, and all of that bs, but nothing about blacks on blacks crimes…Like the shootings in South Side Chicago, you know, between 47 and 97 Th streets…Let’s see if this weekend the record of shootings/murders is not broken…AGAIN…in the ‘ peaceful/gun free zone Chicago ‘…For the rest of the readers, we are getting closer to that ‘ point of no return ‘, when either we will stand up/fight, or surrender and accept our demise ! This comes from a guy born on ‘ the other side ‘, under Socialism-Communism…It’s the fall ( Oct. Red Revolution ) of ’17 for USA, this time…hope we will NOT fall, like the Russians more than a Century ago ( under the same satanic forces )…

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