6 thoughts on “Psychiatry An Industry Of Death Full Length

  1. Indeed, it is….and a professor of psychology at a SUNY college would likely verify that (certainly death of the mind). She told me the business of psychiatry was to keep people mentally ill.

    1. And cause cancer down the road, my sister Anne was born an angel, the shots given to her caused major brain damage, cancer down the road. My parents had us both given the shots as children, back then in 1959, not much was given to the public in the way of information. Anne was effected horribly by the side effects, I was too, they slowed me down big time. We both got cancer later in life, I was lucky, Anne died a quick death. We both were adopted.

      Whoever green lighted these horrible drugs hopefully will die a horrible death and rot in hell.

      The shots given to us as children were not psych drugs mind you, just the normal drugs given as a child. Anne later in life was given the psych drugs because of her brain damage, those drugs killed her. It’s a horrible thing autism, it’s a man made disease.

      1. So sorry about your sister, Mark, but I’m glad you survived and see through the onslaught. Your sister, and so many other young innocents are like sacrificial lambs. A good thing this horror-industry is being exposed so more lambs can be rescued.


  2. You can easily tell how full of shit a psychologist or a psychiatrist is by asking them the definition of an emotion. They haven’t a clue and if they answer at all it will be only a word salad intended to distract from this fact.

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