6 thoughts on “Psycho-Political Warfare

  1. I have zero compassion for the military, they joined up for this BS, they made war around the world, fuk em, they can say no, they can get a job producing something other then death and destruction.

    This goes way beyond communism, they are damn satanists and they have shown you their symbols a long time ago but you morons keep getting in line…

    You think the medal of honor is a mistake? The pentagon is a mistake? The streets of DC are a mistake?

    Fuk RBN, I am not a fan, they are part of the problem misleading their flock.

    1. David, I can appreciate your sentiment. There are days when I say eff it all………then I recall my ‘zombie’ days. We are not all at the same point on the learning curve. Never while I was growing up did I ever think I would come to know so many things that are contrary to my foundational learning. Make no mistake… what we are witnessing today is NOT chaos. It is a most carefully planned strategy. The attack starts before the baby is born. As RBN goes, I listen to some of the hosts Keith being one of them. There are a few excellent ones over there. John Stadtmiller is not a factor for me…I don’t listen to him haha.

    2. Granted I have not spent years listening to RBN but each time I try I hear one of the following: pro Trump, pro military, pro divide and conquer along racial lines. I can’t tolerate such things because I see very clearly how the above mentioned topics keep us weak, divided and in line.

  2. Thank you gray rider…..I usually listen to his program but missed last night as I spent hours on WeatherWar 101 you tube channel………..I applaud Keith for bringing this forth however this problem goes way beyond the military……we are all being experimented on albeit the military exponentially more than any other group. It was great that Chris called in…he is often on Eric’s program and is a very knowledgeable patriot. The info on Israel at the end was very interesting

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