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NDAA National Defense Authorization Act PAT ACT Patriot Act NSA Syndicate National Security Agency Crime Syndicate Obama Syndicate Psychiatric Analysis America American Psychosis Psychotic Sociopaths NSA Crime Cartel NSA SociopathsSent to us by the author.

Olive Biodiesel – by Tracy Turner

The perfect CointelPro storm is the 15+ warring faction groups fighting to exert their PAC’s will upon the rest of us. A few aforementioned examples of how to make a weak, divisive America:  

Lawyers Judges Supreme Court
We the People 96% Christian

Congress Cabinet Potus GWOT Pat Act
Suspended Constitution NDAA
Pentagon NSA Complex

Woman as Spiritual Head of Household
Corrupt Familial Law System
Unending Conflict Lawyers

NDAA National Defense Authorization Act PAT ACT Patriot Act NSA Syndicate National Security Agency Crime Syndicate Obama Syndicate Psychiatric Analysis America American Psychosis Psychotic Sociopaths NSA Crime Cartel NSA Sociopaths

Each slice of the pie wants more rights, and the new millennium way to get it is to give all of the slices a greater serving of less rights. If Gays want a wedding, sue the church and close a 200-year-old Congregation to make two people “happy”. If the Democrats want a secure police state, give the NSA Crime Syndicate the green light of Americans torturing other Americans electronically and with physical organized stalking; the gang stalkers and NSA has their eighth amendment rights as well as those they stole from the Targeted Individual. 96% of Americans self-identify as Christians, yet two gays take a wrecking ball to a church that brought solace or salvation to thousands. The media has its voice in everything but does not address gay weddings on the Wailing Wall…

Rights in America has long been a pie-tug-of-war only now the NSA, Mossad, Jews, Censored Internet and Democrats wish to hold the pie and the knife. American society is imploding in destruction and the proof is keeping order via torture squads of jumped-in can never jump-out organized stalkers. America needs to take 2 Prozac and go to bed; the entire country has lost its marbles in a prolonged episode of national psychosis. Everyone is an “and a”. Hi, I’m making society better; I’m an American and an organized NSA Syndicate torture stalker.

The NSA has perpetuated double to triple digit financial inflation; it is they whose house of cards requires 9th century torture as a “new idea”. The fact that the power elite claim digital enlightenment and are putting the analysts, the spiritual reflective part of the populace back into the dark ages shows how misguided their greed has made them. National Psychosis is not too strong of a word. The media shower medals onto war heroes – they need to take the cameras to Veterans Park and watch the physically disabled with PTSD drink wine near Washington’s statue.

Each segment is its own National Psychosis feeding into the greater psychotic whole. The NSA Crime Syndicate abolishes the Constitution with food poisoning, e-torture and physical stalking/nervous system annoyances (organized torture).

Lincoln said “A House Divided Against Itself Cannot Stand”.

America is becoming a mad auctioneer, with the First and Eight Amendments on the chopping block to the highest bidders. If you do not believe theNSA Crime Syndicate is the all-knowing all Seeing Eye of Satan, read more…

NDAA, the Patriot Act and NSA Prism are the USA at a freshman frat party with a punchbowl filled with white lightning and orange barrel LSD… What good nationally will ever come of it?

America’s corporate-media-money-sponsored cliques are a road to Hell. Many possible avenues of perdition are more schisms, more hate with cash poured in. One possible road to national and personal redemption is the Republicans, the supposed party of Lincoln and God, to embrace all Christians in America. One possible start would be Catholic/Latin-Catholic and the Black votes via a brand-new flavor of Republicanism. Out of many schisms would be one sane direction but it would have to embrace all the amendments of the U.S. Constitution. The good news is that does not cost one dime. Republican Senators, Congressmen or Cabinet members, would be smart to hammer home Black, Latin and Middle Eastern small business grant money; to stop Fox Newscasters from using the word Islamist in a guttural vein… The rights of the racist news plus the rights stolen via chants of Islamist Radical Terrorism are never spoken about by the news. Psychiatrists call this transference; the terrorist American government projects its sick ego elsewhere.

America can either restore the U.S. Constitution or America can make water-boarding appointments for us all. Either there is an 8th, or there is not an 8th amendment.

Obama Admin/NSA Syndicate Psychiatric Evaluation: Extreme people-pleasers with weak spine; cave in to banks, tobacco execs, Pentagon, insurers, Wall Street. Bloviated sense of self – I am/we are Steve Jobs because I/we text on an iPhone. I am Harry Truman because I get rid of Depleted Uranium with my texts (Obama). I must teach Syria a lesson, even though 2/3 of all Syrians have more street smarts and common sense than I.

The whole NSA infrastructure and the NSA are into herding humans and not getting one fleck of blood or excrement on their shirt sleeves as “slick and smart”, until someone asks, “How smart is murder”? The human herding and genocide are to make up for a failure to bond with family in a deep, meaningful way. The self-hate feeds itself by hating outside of self and covering up the Attila the Hun impulses with “tech”. It is a very similar mental illness phenomena similar to a clean-freak housewife with a house filled with ceramic elephants or unicorns to “make up for” the lack of love in the family.

The NSA Syndicate all carry around Talisman to prove they are someone: Mitsubishi Eclipse hood ornament, large shiny key chains, men with heads shaved daily, women with bangs clipped every other day… These are people who know they are less than nothing in heart and mind – therefore the next txt msg as opium is never out of reach. They discharge sexually only after some gang stalking as their fear (cowardice) of losing control is a gnawing, palpable pain to bare. Both Obama and most NSA have developed sneak, cunning tactics born of interfacing with the Mossad and out of cowardice – there is a marked lack of American Veterans among NSA cowards.

Obama uses the words, “surgical strike” which is a blindingly optimistic metaphor for oldest “smart” bombs in the arsenal. The public never sees the videos of the defense contractor batteries died 30% of the journey to target, the last 70% of the ride the bomb steered towards women, children and the elderly. Since Desert Storm the Pentagon knows the batteries die, but the bombs have to be used up, anyway. Surgical strike…

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