Public Schools Planning on Encaging your Kids in Mini Plexiglass Prisons when Schools Reopen

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We have truly reached peak idiocracy in this dystopian COVID world that has been forced upon us by the globalist elites

Around the country, as public school systems put plans in place to reopen after almost a year of being shuttered by the pandemic fairy tale, what’s starting to emerge is beyond anything we could have even imagines when this scam started.

Earlier this month, video went viral online from a public school teacher in South Carolina who filmed the plexiglass cages that school administrators are installing inside classrooms throughout the country.

The teacher was ordered to remove the video from her personal Facebook feed by the Horry County Schools District Office in Myrtle Beach South Carolina after parents grew concerned about their kids having to sit in mini prisons.

Killing the next generations spirit though depersonalization and isolation.

It started with the masks that were meant to not stop the virus, but instead stop you from feeling emotions; stop you from seeing people’s facial expressions and numb you to what’s going on around you. Now, they are getting ready to emotionally mindf-k an entire generation that will never mentally recover from the forced isolation and dystopian world they will now grow up in.

Off Grid Survival

One thought on “Public Schools Planning on Encaging your Kids in Mini Plexiglass Prisons when Schools Reopen

  1. Any parent who agrees to this is not fit to be a parent. Don’t bring your kids anywhere near these gov institutions, unless you want a sick little robot with a brain controlled by evil communists and a body subject to gross mutilation. The phrase “SAVE THE CHILDREN” has never meant more or been more urgent. Caged bodies create caged minds.


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