2 thoughts on “Public Schools, the Fixation of Belief, and Social Control

  1. Wow, thanks EOTS. Now I understand why school was a choking experience. To think that those so-called educators spoke or wrote those things down, assuming we are of lesser mind, and cutting us off from higher aspirations. Hard to get more pompous than that or more controlling. I hold them accountable for any arrested development that some suffered because of their tortuous methods.

    And I didn’t know about Martin Luther. Classic case of church and state scheming together to keep the people in line. Disgusting. But I will say that out of about 50 or so teachers, I did have one or two who allowed for the spark and didn’t thwart its flame, who encouraged independent thinking and exploration. They were a gift. And thank goodness there were fighters like Gatto and Iserbyt, and that there were some students with strong minds who, in spite of the programming, found a way to move into purpose and originality.

    This was really an eye-opener. Felt like I came out of a fog and into an aha moment. How much more fog is there to lift? Ha!! They sure did a number on us, and now THEIR days are numbered.


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