Pug Puppy Meant For Child With Leukemia Stolen By Person Delivering It: Cops

Huffington Post – by Simon McCormack

A puppy meant to be delivered to a sick girl on Christmas was stolen by the person who was supposed to deliver it, cops say.

Riverside, Calif. resident Shawna Hamon wanted to send a pug puppy to a 7-year-old girl with leukemia, according to a Riverside Police press release.

Hamon reached out to an acquaintance she knew through the “pug networking” group both belonged to and asked her to deliver the pooch to the child in Sacramento. But the pug never showed up. Days later, Hamon got police involved.  

Hamon’s acquaintance apparently had no desire to give the dog to the child, instead preferring to keep it for herself, the release said.

Police obtained a search warrant for the woman’s house but did not find the dog. Finally, cops discovered the pug at a residence they believe was being used to hide the pup from authorities.

Now, police say, Hamon will deliver the puppy to the girl herself. The sick child is currently undergoing experimental treatment in Philadelphia.

The acquaintance, who has not been named, could face theft charges.


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