Purpose For DHS Buying Sniper Bullets Is For Preemptive Crowd Control

Steve Quayle Alerts  They likely figure as follows: rather than dealing with a massive protesting crowd in the streets – prevent this to begin with by keeping them in their homes to begin with.

They position snipers all over high places, or in choppers overhead, in any major metropolitan area – they publicize this fact on state T.V. – then when anyone so much as sticks their head outside of their window – well, that’s it for them. Pictures for all to witness at noon.

Their idea is to instill such terror into the minds of the masses with this stratagem – that nobody will dare violate a curfew to congregate to protest = city locked down. Finito. This is why they say ‘no warning shot is to be given.’ Their purposes is not to protect, not even to warn, but to instill terror in the masses – by the threat of a curfew violator being killed by a silent stealthy unseen foe half a mile away. Here one moment – gone the next instant. Fear of the unseen mortal threat.

Likely, they have special sniper response squadrons ready to fly to any rioting city needing lockdown. See?

Look for such specialized military units, and for increased funding and training for such. Maybe open up a line on your show for one patriot among them to call in?


Sep 19, 2012

22 thoughts on “Purpose For DHS Buying Sniper Bullets Is For Preemptive Crowd Control

  1. What can I say? Janet the Molester, who refuses to arrest any of the 9-11 perpetrators and the other attackers of the U.S. and Pistole, her partner in things libidinous, and their TSA/DHS endeavor, have gone stark-raving genital mad. Grandmas and priests across the U.S.A. warn against carnal self-indulgence. This is why. This is why the FBI and U.S. Marshals and County Sheriffs refused to molest people for any Homeland Security show. It’s sick, and so is the DHS.

    Now they intend to kill us if we don’t flirt back. Why else ? They don’t care one lousy iota who is attacking the U.S.. Where is the Goddamned military when you really need them dressed for business. Oh. I forgot. The circus freak who started this TSA/DHS B.S. has our brothers and sisters in arms scattered across the globe like a Walmart trained Julius Caesar/Napoleon wannabe. It’s hard to be humble. Bring the troops HOME. NOW.

  2. At one time , wasn’t this called pre-meditated murder. If a private citizen did the exact same thing the officer in photo did , his ass is grass .

  3. You got “scaring the crap outta people” right. Snipers are normally used to single out high value targets or tactically turn the outcome of an engagement. As for riot control, taking out the suspected leader(s) is one tactic. Positioning a sniper team at a urban “bottleneck” can deny access. The .30cal ammo ordered by the Feds does make a spectacularly bloody mess when the target is hit. Really makes an impression on bystanders or it can, as in the Ruby Ridge Massacre, cause secondary missile injuries.

    Don’t think I need to tell the “informed” how to counter this Terrorist Threat.

    1. Qualified snipers are quite valuable assets. They are always in short supply. A successful counter-sniper activity has always been a game-changer.

      Most of the counter-sniper materials published in the last 60 years are still relevant today, and have been kept up-to-date. Google for textbooks if interested. Physical fitness is a very important factor. The ability to take accurate shots soon after running long distances is very important. Computer games are not effective counter-sniper training!

      The non-military trained ones (statistically the most likely to be encountered) tend to be far less stealthy, sometimes even obvious on purpose, and may have quite lazy habits. Counter-snipers should be aware of an obvious one being covered by one or more stealthy ones.

      One of the harder things to hit for a sniper is a bicycle travelling through a built-up area. They’re hard to pinpoint, due to being silent, generally hard to see at all from a distance, being small and relatively fast, and the window of opportunity once seen is quite narrow.

      And yes, the other very hard target is one that is using ditches and drains to flank or reposition relative to the sniper, especially in bad or rainy weather, as it will be assumed the enemy won’t use them. History shows many succesful counter-sniper engagements taken from the mouth of a pipe, gutter-grille, or duct, or from inside a smokestack.

      Good long-term intel will show when specific operators are likely to be fatigued. The shift-change is a good time to strike, as workload goes up during handover. Sniper and assistant may change shifts together as a team, but it’s not guaranteed.

      Optical conditions (sunlight, reflections, etc) and weather (gusty winds, visibility) should be taken into account if engaging sniper teams. Striking when their workload is higher, and more difficult is safest.

      It may be a mistake to assume that the sniper has better equipment and training than the counter-sniper, but always a mistake to assume that they have worse equipment and training.

      And of course, all this material is academic, general, and theoretical. The enemy may not even be from the US, nor directly employed by any federal, contracting, or state agency. At the end of the day, it’s just another guy or gal with a rifle and an agenda in the neighborhood.

    2. “Don’t think I need to tell the “informed” how to counter this Terrorist Threat.”

      I do. Send flowers! Preferably ones with a special fragrance.

  4. My Fellow Americans,

    The reason for the sniper-ammo/snipers, is they will play a support role as they (DHS/our treasonous gov’t) roll in and secure “block” areas.

    This may be by neighborhood, this may be by natural boundaries, such a rivers, highways and other topographical features that make quarantining and subjucating an area that much easier.

    The moment, “We The People” start to fight back, and DHS/TSA/Cops and other gov’t personnel start to go home in a body bags, they will up their confrontational methods with the use of greater numbers, larger, more damage resistant vehicles, drones, and snipers in distant support positions (probably in the 400 – 1,500 meter range, but could be closer,.. or even further).

    In the city, town or country, the high ground is always premium real estate.

    What does this tell you?

    Know your own local terrain. If you were a complete pyschopath looking to exterminate Americans,.. where would you, as a sniper, take up postion?

    Unfortunately,.. even a marginal sniper is quite lethal, and will probably not expose his/her postion until the first shot has been send down range by them.

    If you are acting as a FEBA (Forward Edge of Battle Area) observer, you may not get any indication where the snipers nest is until the first person mysteriously reels back,.. or their head explodes sending meat confette in the direction of the bullet travel,.. then you have to back azimuth and pray like crazy you know the area will enough to estimate the probable location.

    Waiting for a confirmation hit means the loss of another Patriot, so it may be best to move your SKT (Sniper Kill Team) immediately,… quietly, steathily.

    Be aware, if the gov’ts sniper team is cautious, or suspects they have compromised thier position, they will immediatly terrian mask,.. change location, by at least a quarter click if not more to avoid becoming the hunted.

    In the city, it is actually a little harder to hides oneself while still retaining a birdseye view of a Kill-Box, or Kill-Alley, but if you have several individuals in adjacent or nearby buildings,…. the hunter can be made the hunted,.. but this is a difficult proposition, and perhaps if this is the level of resistance fighting, the obvious needs to admitted,…. we have lost this country if that is the kind of fighting Americans have been reduced to.

    This doesn’t mean give up,.. but it truly signals the complete and total demise of America,.. and the rise of the American-Reich.

    Strategies and tactics is one thing,.. but what sniper ops/counter ops really means,… would be absolutely heartbreaking for us true Americans.

    Lets hope you will never have to consider the above advice,.. but somehow,… I don’t see the US Federal Gov’t going down any path except that one.

    Sharpen your skills,… and look around. IF you wanted to lock down your town,, what intersections would you turn into a control point?

    If you are unsure what might constitute a “control point”,… just ask yourself,.. where does traffic ALWAYS back-up, especially during rush-hour? This is a choke,… or a control point.

    Can you move around this choke, or control point on foot? Can you conceal yourself while doing so?

    What are the vantage points overlooking these possible control points (postions the gov’t sniper team might take up)?

    Can they quickly, and without observation, vacate that position?

    Where is their secondary and back-up positions to cover those controls points?

    What are vantage points of the vantage points? (a snipers position against a gov’t sniper that may be providing cover on a control point)

    What are the secondary and tertiary vantage points (yours) to those primary vantage points (the gov’ts sniper)?

    Can you move from location to location without exposing yourself?

    …. I think you start to get the point.

    Even for someone really good at this, whether its the Patriots, or the Treasonous gov’t stoogies,… one mistake,.. could be your last.

    Let us hope God favors Patriots.

    JD – US Marines

        1. Hi NWO Hatr,

          Good to hear from you as always.

          How to avoid a sniper,…. anywhere!

          First off,.. if they have not exposed themselves by poor technique, or from firing a round down range, you will most likely never know they are even there,…until someone gets taken out.

          So how do you avoid,… or at least minimize the risk of becoming their next wall trophy?

          By understanding just some of their basics, and estimating the situation there on the ground,.. so lets look at that:

          1) Sniping is all about position, concealment, ingress, egress, alternate postions, elevation, line of sight (aka: field of view), and communications.

          Notice how I didn’t mention “marksmenship”,… the assumption being,.. they are sufficiently competent or they wouldn’t even be on a sniper team.

          In addition, most of the time, snipers are used in support of operations, not as the working end of an operation , with the exception of assassinations or high priority subject protection.

          This means you will mostly not have to concern yourself about the potential of a sniper team being deployed unless there is some type of high tension confrontation, lock down operations, or direct conflict on any scale.

          Your biggest advantage in a city or surban setting is they need to use local roads or byways to get to a postion, or least to the ingress route to nest postion. Unless they live in the area,.. they have to get there either by car or helo.

          If its a shtfight scanario (Our treasonous gov’t decides to go “all-in” and declare a full blown dictatorship, via Martial Law,… or just by this continued clamping down), then we have gone from living a life of self-determination, to one of survival, for our selves and our country.

          At that point,.. you basically become a full-time fighter, and knowing local terrain, resources, roads and critical soft points of infrastructure become paramount, as you wll then be living not in a town,.. but in a warzone.

          In the end, using snipers is not someting done because of a traffic ticket,.. but as civil discontent grows,.. as the sleeping masses slowly awaken to fact this country has already been destroyed and the Fed Gov’t is nothing more than an Enemy Force In Occupation,.. it could get nasty real quick, and snipers are just another part of the equation, and don’t forget,… they will be using DRONES, especially drones with FLIR capabilities, which makes your job of cover & concealment much more difficult.

          This might be another good subject to discuss on Mr. Shivelys radio show.

          JD – US Marines

          1. Thanks JD, your input is ALWAYS appreciated.(Except by trolls like James, who NEVER have the cajones to reply to my slams)

    1. Hopefully God will favour those with impeccable local knowledge, no supply-logistics problems, a strong, loyal, and secure network of contacts, good leadership, good discipline, effective secrecy, no time-limit, and greater numbers.

      Who are those people?

      The US government may be able to escalate, but evidence observed from troops occupying Iraq and Afghanistan shows that they certainly won’t escalate indefinitely. They are on a budget, and they know it. The defenders have nothing to lose, and no budgetary constraints.

      If the enemy can be forced to change tactics, including increasing his numbers, or the nature of operations in a particular area, this indicates that he can be strategically manipulated to advantage.

  5. Remember they have full body Kevlar reinforced with ceramic plates. If you shoot them in the body you will only piss them of. Aim for their face.

  6. a preferred way to move around is to do it during a lightning storm at night. with each lightning stike you move from position to position. the light will temporarily blind the night vision scope of the sniper. wear mylar space blankets under your poncho and baclava to hide your heat sig

  7. I think their main purpose for buying sniper bullets is so we don’t get them.

    and thanks for the tips, JD….it’s important stuff that you share, especially for those of us with no military training.

  8. Just prior to the German invasion of Russia (circa June, 1940. Known as Operation Barbarossa), Stalin posted orders to every soviet to break out their WWI rifles. After WWII had ended in Europe, every serviceable weapon in the USSR was kept. Stockpiled, as it were. Stalin didn’t need an anvil to fall on him. Today, many of the antiquated rifles and pistols are still in service.Ever wonder why?

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