Push To Legalize Pot In Florida Could Be Going Up In Smoke

Medical_MarijuanaShark Tank – by Javier Manjarres

Put down the bong, and step away from the counter.

A recent Public Policy Poll (PPP) is showing that Florida’s medicinal marijuana amendment, which will be on the November ballot, has lost significant support among voters.

The ‘Vote No on 2′ initiative, which has implemented a very effected media campaign outlining the cons against legalizing pot, can be credited for the downtick in support for the legalization of medicinal marijuana.  

According to the PPP poll, support for the medicinal marijuana has fallen from 65% to 61%, and the opposition to it has risen from 23% to 33%.

The measure needs to receive 60% of the vote in order to become law, so there is daylight at the end of the joint for the anti-pot lobby.
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3 thoughts on “Push To Legalize Pot In Florida Could Be Going Up In Smoke

  1. If it ever gets completely legalized the government will find a way to poison it to gain something out of those that use it, more population control or death

    If it goes legal you’d have to be able to grow your own or you’d risk the same poisonings that the tobacco users are being killed with , or more sinister.

    those that are buying it now(either from the street ,or legal dispensaries) , really have no idea whats been sprayed on it, or whats being fed to the plant itself while growing that they are ingesting

    careful what you wish for, I am for it being legal, im not for it being manipulated by the government , or having it “enhanced” by the commercial market to sell more of it, because thats when it will no longer be a natural substance

  2. I don’t believe these poll numbers for a minute, and nor do I believe there’s an “anti-pot lobby” anywhere unless it’s a government operation.

    A lot of people may make fun of pot-heads, but absolutely no one sees them as any type of threat, and nor do they see the substance itself as a danger to anything.

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