3 thoughts on “Pushback in England

  1. This kind of “action” realistically does absolutely nothing at all – never has & never will. It’s actually embarrassing to watch especially knowing that even weaker beings are watching it in their bedrooms thinking something good is happening here. Things gave gotten much worse because the tyrants know this is ALL their “subjects” ever do which is why they used to chuckle & simply say “the peasants are revolting!”. Anyone who has half a brain & can simply read a little history will see that force has to be met with equal or greater force in order for any kind of real stop or change to happen. Tyrants like Mao knew it when they said things like “Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun”. All around the world WE have the numbers to squash these tyrants like bugs in a day. The simple reason the tyrants are coming on so strong now is they know that more people are waking up to this & the balance will swing if they don’t kill large numbers of us. What a pity then that ALL people like those in the attached video don’t go to protests like this armed & ready to instantly do the same in kind to the tyrant & his hired balls as soon as he walks among them in defense of themselves & their children. Imagine how quickly things would swing the other way across the planet…

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