Putin Picks Up Where Kim Left Off – I Will Annihilate the World

Hard to figure what the hell this maniac is positioning himself for. Here is a mobster who has basically stolen billions from the Russian people, extorted billions from Russian billionaires, bribed numerous American leaders, hacked into the American political system, built enough nuclear weapons to destroy countless planets, and now wants to rant and rave like a screaming little kid, crying about not finding his prize in the Cracker Jack box.

Recently, there have been numerous articles about Putin shooting his mouth off about how if Russia is attacked, he will destroy the world, boasting about uncatchable nuclear missiles, unable to be shot down. Then he goes on to show videos of the rockets being launched from his migs, approaching ten times the speed of sound.  

He goes on to say, if Russia is attacked, then the world will be destroyed. Why not he says, why should the world be allowed to exist if there is to be no Russia?

This is what happens when you let a lunatic acquire too much money, he turns into a James Bond villain, taking it to the next lunatic level talking about annihilating the world. This guy was kept on a level plane and is now seemingly off his rocker. I wish I could figure these creatures out; it’s as if this guy has had a brain transplant recently from doctor Frankenstein.

I’ll let you guys figure this clown out, too much drama going on here. He’s not scaring anybody, at least not that I can tell. Reminds me of a little kid, stomping up and down, crying about being made fun of in school.

20 thoughts on “Putin Picks Up Where Kim Left Off – I Will Annihilate the World

  1. Yea? And who’s giving us this ‘news’ and/or ‘translations’?

    Like the CIA-found bin Laden ‘9/11confession tape’ – which when translated by REAL people who speak Arabic, said nothing of the sort. Nor what is even a remotely-close look-alike to Usama.

    And if true?

    GOOD. Maybe it will get this idiot-nation’s leaders to think twice about trying to rule the world from a dying empire!

    1. Yeah, I was going to bring that up, is this shit for real? I decided not too. Maybe this will force a response from the little big man.


      “He said, ‘This would be a global catastrophe for humanity but I, as a citizen of Russia and the head of the Russian state would like to ask you this – what do we need a world for if there is no Russia in it?’

  2. “He goes on to say, if Russia is attacked, then the world will be destroyed.”

    No, that was ISRAHELL.

    The Samson Option.

    This is nothing more than a pitiful attempt to demonize Putin… in a prelude to WW III.

      1. Regardless, Mark, the stinking jews said it first (many years ago), and I KNOW they’d do so without ANY hesitation.

        So far as I can tell, Putin appears to be going AGAINST the NWO agenda. IF that’s the case, then I can respect that.

        Since our so-called ‘government’ is backing Israhell 100%, we’ve got nothing to complain about if Russia ISN’T.

        1. Yeah, anyway interesting as hell, corrupt as hell, mobbed up as hell, and hates the Jews. Just another billionaire by extorting his own people…

          Ive heard/read $200 billion…

          1. Chump is worse, he’s “OUR” Jew loving con man, Putin has shit on Trump, that makes Trump twice as dangerous.

            Your preaching to the choir..

            I write this shit for perspective, not to kiss anybodies ass. But, you know that already… 🙂

        1. More than the trash Putin pumps out. This site has published thousands of articles from those two sites, you wanna cry about it now, cry me a river…then call out Henry and ask him why he allows it.

          This site has been publishing articles from those two sites since 2011, wow imagine that koortz! Is Putin your hero? Sure sounds like your in love with a commie Russian leader to me.

          Write an article, quit hiding behind the comment section, give your views to the world like a strong patriot, not like a weak mouse.

          Explain to the world why these two sites can’t be trusted. Really looking forward to your expertise on the subject.

        2. I personally do not believe anything from yahoo. “You can believe and you can think but you can’t do both.” quote from John Trudell

    1. Voting? That’s a laugh, you mean they’re going to actually count the votes? LMAO..

      Let’s see Putin 10, incumbent 3….times 10 million

    1. Yeah, shot in the back, twice while leaving a bar at 1am. Putin hired Hillary’s hit man, does that fit your narrative a little better, LMAO!

  3. Well….

    I wish Putin would give us a date when he’s gonna start… annihilating…..

    That way I can just stop paying my mother [Fill in the blank] ing bills.

    Ahead of time.

    Maybe have a good meal and a dump before we get annihilated.

    Oh… and I forgot to tell you…

    From Pole Shift News…

    Santa Klaus has aids…
    From screwing all the Elves.

    It’s an epidemic.

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