Putin, The Dollar And Obama’s March To Irrelevancy.

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I was still in grade school when I noticed that America was never allowed to win wars. We did have a lot of wars but they were all designed to benefit the Banks, Israel or some other power occupying our nation. Currently, our policy towards Afghanistan seems to be dictated in part by the CIA’s desire to corner the global heroin market even if it means killing people and wasting money by the hundreds of billions. Operation Enduring Freedom, the bombing of Afghanistan, began on October 7, 2001. That was 14 years ago. At about that same time General Wesley Clark went to the Pentagon and learned what the other determining force in American foreign policy was. Clark was told by a member of the Joint Chiefs that America was to invade 7 Muslim nations including Libya, Syria, Lebanon and Iran.  

America’s 7 nation war agenda obviously originated in Israel and has not worked out well for Americans or Europeans.

I cannot in any  way allow you to think I endorse Vladimir Putin for President of the US in 2016. He has his own goals. We have ours. It just seems that he better serves the interests of Americans and Europeans than does Obama who serves Wall Street and Israel.

Does it make any sense that we armed and funded mercenaries to attack Syria?

Or that in 2011 we set up No Fly Zones over Libya so NATO could fly 30,000 sorties to destroy a nation that had been doing amazing things for its citizens and was about to do the same for the people of Africa? Or that we invaded Iraq for Weapons of Mass Destruction which apart from we had sold them we knew did not exist?

Today Europe is being flooded with refugees. Why? We knew back in 2003 that invading Iraq would be an absolute disaster. In fact it has proven to be far worse than we could have imagined at those anti-war rallies.

But all of our wars have been very good for Israel.

In 1996 Richard Perle, David Wurmser and Douglas Feith went to Israel and wrote A Clean Break: A New Strategy for Securing the Realm. The three men were Jewish and the Realm they sought to defend was Israel not America. That document was written for incoming PM Netanyahu. They said Iraq had to be invaded because they defended the Palestinians. Israel subsequently told us we had to take down those 7 nations General Clark mentioned.

A Clean Break said that we should hire mercenary proxy armies to attack Syria over the issue of chemical weapons. The NATO countries dutifully made false accusations against Syria over the use of poison gas against civilians. In truth it was the US hired mercenaries who launched chemical weapons attacks. They also destroyed Christian churches that had been founded as long ago as 50 and 60 AD. They beheaded priests and gouged out their eyes. It was, as Vladimir Putin reminded us, our ‘moderate Jihadists’ who uploaded videos to the Internet of themselves committing acts of cannibalism.

The US, Britain and Israel funded ISIS who are supposedly the really bad terrorists. General Clark said we needed ISIS so they could attack Hezbollah and take down Lebanon. Israel was defeated by Hezbollah in the 2006 Lebanon war.

Putin sent 50 jets and helicopters to Syria and started bombing the Jihadists. He has changed the world and our future in less than a week. Unlike Obama Putin was able to find command centers and storage depots. Obama had been busy bombing grain silos and hospitals. The world has seen the difference and responded.

Hundreds have deserted the Jihadists camps. Hundreds of others in one province surrendered themselves and their weapons to the Assad regime under Syria’s Amnesty program. Egypt which supported US, Israeli and Saudi war crimes in Yemen has endorsed the Russian bombing campaign in Syria. So how many billions has the US given Egypt? That money was given to benefit Israeli interests not the Egyptian people.

I think the response has been favorable to Putin because the world was looking for a leader with an actual brain in his head.

Putin said his offensive will take 3 to 4 months. His  first goal seems to be going up against the Jihadists along the border with Turkey to cut off their supply lines from NATO. Iranian Commandos and militia volunteers from Iraq to Pakistan have poured into Syria. In one battle the Russian Ministry of Defense cited the efforts of Palestinian volunteers. They have enough boots on the ground to take the war to the Jihadists. In the next phase the Russians will include Iraq in their bombing campaign. They have the permission of the Iraqi government. And they have the aid of the Iranians who fund and control 100,000 militia men in Iraq.

The Russians and their allies on the ground will probably cut the supply lines from Raqqa Syria to Mosul Iraq in a few months. Those two cities are local capitols for ISIS.

I wonder how long it will take for deserters from ISIS and Al Qaeda to get to Europe to claim refugee status and welfare. Probably thousands will even make it to America in time to vote for the Democrats in 2016.

The Bretton Woods conference in 1994 made the US dollar the world’s reserve currency. The Federal Reserve Note was convertible into silver until 1965. It was convertible into gold until Monday August 16, 1971. In 1973 Henry Kissinger put the world on the Petrodollar standard. The US was supposed to protect the Arab Gulf states from Israel. The Arabs were to agree to sell oil only for dollars and to invest their proceeds in US Treasury bonds and the New York Stock Exchange.

The Petrodollar is nearly dead as the Saudis have to sell US bonds and stocks to make up for the decline in the price of oil. Iran has so much oil in storage that crude oil cannot spike up enough to save the fracking industry.

The Petrodollar has not worked out well for the Arabs. The Israelis are allowed to bomb their neighbors and to assassinate  just about any Muslim anywhere. ISIS appears to be running amuck at the behest of the US and Israel.

There are some serious objections to US Dollar hegemony. All those sanctions are wrecking economies throughout Europe and the Mideast.

And all that power swelled the heads of Bankers in New York. They have been stealing money from taxpayers. $8.5 trillion went missing from the Pentagon’s spending. Smaller amounts (just hundreds of billions) went missing from Housing and Urban Development and other agencies.

The Banks leased gold from Fort Knox and sold it as paper certificates to as many as 5 different buyers. We know this is true because depositors cannot get their gold out of Banks. And we are exporting more gold to Asia than our mines produce so someone is being robbed.

This has enraged wealthy depositors in the Gulf States. They can do nothing now but as soon as the Spring of 2016 the new axis of Moscow, Damascus, Baghdad, Tehran and Beijing will give the Mideast another voice in international affairs.

They will also say No to the dollar. That will dump dollars en masse and America will have Hyperinflation which I defined as a 25% price increase for a reserve currency like the dollar.

Currently, there is a silver run at the COMEX. All the silver had been deposited in the past 4 years has been withdrawn in the last 6 months. The COMEX could go bust by the end of 2015 or some time early in 2016.

Dr Pippa Malmgren who was a Presidential adviser tweeted that China is dumping US Treasuries and buying gold. They want a gold backed currency.

Actually what they want would be stable exchange rates with the US Dollar reset to half or less of its present value. A sharp spike in the price of gold and silver might serve their interests in 2016. Until then they can dump dollars and buy gold.

The Federal Reserve Bank will have to print lots of money to buy all the US Treasury bonds China and everyone else is selling. They will also have to print enough money to cover the US budget deficit. This will soon scare bond holders.

There is a new Quantitative Easing movement called QE For The People. Print money for voters instead of Bankers. What politicians do not seem to grasp is that QE transfers wealth from the voters to Wall Street because Bankers are few and we are many. Dropping money from helicopters on voters will not transfer wealth because everyone receives money on the same day. John Maynard Keynes said he could print money and rob pensions because the voters suffer from ‘Monetary Illusion’. That means voters think they have been given something if politicians increased the Money supply by 20% but prices only went up 10%. But once that illusion has been broken increasing the money supply 20% could raise prices 40%.

And Hyperinflation will be very unpopular with voters. It would cancel Food Stamps and cause Nationwide Food Riots.

Bankers wanted to make America irrelevant so Americans could never demand the return of the tens of trillions of dollars that has been stolen. Obama could succeed at his appointed task if there is no rebellion in 2016 either in the elections or in the form of a military coup.

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