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“Q – The Plan to Save the World” – Red PILL or Red FLAG???

Published on Jul 12, 2018

If you believe my opinion on this is misguided, I welcome honest debate and dialogue based on logic, not emotion. I do NOT seek to tear anybody down with this video. I simply seek the truth. If my assessment is wrong, I’m open for correction.

It helps to stay away from ad hominems and just deal with the facts. Peace!

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39 Responses to “Q – The Plan to Save the World” – Red PILL or Red FLAG???

  1. freedom paluzza says:

    This has been circulating for a while. If it sounds to good to be true it is! The truth about “Q” is found here: https://www.dailydot.com/layer8/qanon-the-storm/ READ IT!

    • Katie says:

      Good article, by the way, written by Mike Rothschild, hmmm.
      Q is not saying anything that most of us don’t already know.

      • Cynicles says:

        Most being the regular Trenchers.
        Most of America are ignorant.

        • Katie says:

          I do believe that even those that don’t know the full scale of the corruption can still comprehend the blatant criminality that is obvious, and the never ending non consequence of those that commit criminal actions in positions of authority.

          Perhaps the most recent being the H. Clinton blatant crime ,yet she roams the streets.

          • Enemy of the State says:

            The fact that the last 4 presidential cabinets arnt all in prison or at Gitmo or dead
            Proves to me our Republic is on a thread and our Rule of Law is a dam joke

            But Katie , you’d be surprised at how many people take the Ostrich way out … they cant face the day

          • Katie says:

            Enemy of the State, I’m not surprised at how many take the ostrich way out. I know a few of them of whom I’m ashamed to call American.

  2. Martist says:

    Excellent video. Concise, clear and accurate. It is less of cabal and definitely of kabbalah.

    This trust in “q” is truly hopium. It is for the naive, the stupid, the lazy, the fearful, the willfully ignorant or those in support of the proposed identity politics the “cabal” have presented on our menu.

    If it is offered by them, I will not partake of it, and anything offered by them will have a hook in it.

    trumpet blowers need to hear this. On another note I am watching another video in support of this “q” BS, and most of their heroes are filthy khazars. None of them ever name the joo. These steaming piles of dog shite idiots can’t die fast enough…

    • Cynicles says:

      Over the next few I will roll back to look for replies to a few questions I asked today within these comments. All trencher replies, if any, are appreciated. I know the Trenchers are straight shooters, that is why my question was posed here.

      Unsure about this Q thing.

      Link to the specific comment (yes, on this article) for people with ‘smart’phones like mine : /

      • Martist says:

        If there are zionists or zionist joos involved in the outing or salvation of US, I am frankly not interested in even hearing a “plan”. Played that game and heard that song a thousand times before. That ship sailed a long time ago. No ill intent sent your way if anything can be sent my way that doesn’t involve those two factors.

    • galen says:

      “None of them ever name the joo.”

      Thanks, Martist. That is the un-passed litmus test.


  3. galen says:

    Oh yeah, Q is one slick psy-op. Narrator coulda been a whole lot harder on both Q and Trump. How come Q gives Trump a pass on the extended wars, especially with Gaza and Syria? Instead, Trump just cozies up to his best buddy Bibi and bombs away. And Q says that Trump took care of Isis, with no mention that Israel and US created, trained, and funded ISIS. And I’m remembering Trump on taking guns before due process. Killer stuff!! And allowing the invasion from the south of our border, sending wages spiraling down, down, down. And let’s not forget torture, and giving Hillary a pass. There are a million things Q gives Trump a pass for.

    People are so hungry for a better world; it might be why so many are falling for this. Sickening that the inventors of Q take advantage of those looking for hope. Ha! They say that Trump is playing 4-d chess, just hold on, any moment now he will save us and restore the Republic. And Donald Duck will deliver the cure for Cancer. Sickening!! And of course, no mention of our Bill of Rights.

    I’m glad this vid was made. Q’s whole message is TRUST THE STATE. Is Q the reincarnation of Mao or Marx? Looks like a hybrid. Probably manufactured at a drunken party at Mar a Largo. Thanks for posting, Jamal. Important that we shine a light on this very sophisticated deception.


    • SamAdams says:

      That’s my take as well. Neo-con zionists vs Marxists. Q is Def an inside psy-op used to assure base they are doing the right thing. However, Q does not mention Bushes, 9/11 or Israel. Now they want to CIA Iran, sell more weapons and jail Marxists that gave Djt a hard time. Well, at least it is entertaining!

    • galen says:

      Is Trump looking the other way? No!! He just keeps sending them money (guess whose money) and weapons.

      Iz bombing away, while Hamas plays its part:



    • Cynicles says:

      Over the next few I will roll back to look for replies to a few questions I asked today within these comments. All trencher replies, if any, are appreciated. I know the Trenchers are straight shooters, that is why my question was posed here.

      Unsure about this Q thing.

      Link to the specific comment (yes, on this article) for people with ‘smart’phones like mine : /

    • Koyote says:

      Dear Galen, there will be no better world until Americans are earning their own way with free trade, and debt free money. These two things alone would destroy capitalism and communism. The only thing left would be the arrests, trials and executions.

      • galen says:

        Uh-huh. I actually think the idea of the zio dominance could be an illusion of sorts. Yes, they create struggle, poverty, hunger, war, death. And they create perversion. And they cast the spell of powerlessness over many. But once we see through it, we become the dominators, and that could be the sea-change that’s happening right now. I think. I hope. I need it to be so.

        Are they “cock-of-the-walk?” My friend mentioned “loser roosters” to me and I got to thinkin’ they have a mighty big job. To catch up to alphas. Maybe we’re all becoming alphas? Evolution tricks us into thinking we are what we are instead of what we can become. Potential is very seductive. Loser roosters (human and animal) have shown pretty great awareness and endurance. I kind of believe in them ’cause the challenge the creation puts before them is so humongous and they certainly have their part to play.

        Sorry, Koyote, I went off on a bit of a tangent here. Jus’ throwin’ off the identity of loser rooster.



  4. DL. says:

    Thanks, Jamal, for posting this. Because the folks who buy into this “Q” nonsense are those who do not want to figure this out themselves and seek truth themselves, but “need” “someone” to “lead” them. Much easier and more convenient that way. And then when it all goes to pot they can blame it all on “Q” instead of taking responsibility for their own in-action and self-delusion.

    • Jamal says:

      No problem

    • galen says:

      Really good point, DL, about the blaming. It would let everyone off the hook for their inaction. I used to fall for stuff so easily. Am thankful I don’t do that anymore. Skepticism is underrated.



  5. Bob M says:

    Thanks Jamal-
    If the Q don’t question the Jew
    It’s just a distraction for you.
    We see the problem, it’s in a puddle
    And all the distractions equate to muddle

  6. Bob says:

    Thanks for this one. I don’t generally like High Impact Flix channel, though I just noticed that his big channel got removed from youtube. This is a decent sign.

    I would just like to point out a couple of things:
    1. one spelling is Qabalah
    2. Q is based on “hope” and emotion which is sophistry.
    3. Trump has dropped more bombs per day than any of the recent presidents.
    4. “Cabal” is the correct word, just few know what it really means.
    5. This truly is about the greater israel project.

    • Martist says:

      You’re correct “cabal” is the root medieval form, but unfortunately it steers away for many the connection to the English translation “kabbalah” which so many more associate with the tribe. It strikes me as somewhat not as accurate so as to be misleading as words like “globalist” and “elitist”. The oded yinon plan is most certainly the point and at least its definition does contain the appropriate terminology to point out the culprits and their goals. You’re spot on too about that hope sophistry.

    • galen says:

      Thanks, Bob. Eye-opener.


  7. Darzak says:

    Good video, Jamal. Thank you.

    And good comments, Trenchers! Let no one ever say they pulled the wool
    over our eyes.

  8. Jamal says:

    Things like this Q nonsense have been going around in full force, really trying to make people believe in the new puppet. It’s nothing new though, just the other wing of the left right false bird paradigm. The push to make people believe is a lot stronger now however I believe for 2 main reasons. One being that many are waking up to the truth and so they need to make them believe this is “your guy” and two, because they’re trying to hasten their Talmudic jew world order plans and need people to become so fanatic in believing in their puppet so they’ll kill each other. But they’re day, despite all their efforts, is coming.

  9. Cynicles says:

    Time to go clean my garage, I have procrastinated enough today. Tonight perhaps there will be time for me to watch this video. For those that have posted here there a few questions I am interested in what you have to say and why (or why not).

    Are videos and articles your (individually) sole source of info about Q?
    Do you know of chan?
    Have you reviewed the words of anons or the dumps from the autists?
    How many here have read Q posts?
    If yes to any of these; for how long?

    Thanks for your effort for any replies.

    • galen says:

      Hi Cynicles, what is this, a test? Do I need credentials for any opinions I hold? I have not listened to Q’s every word, but from what I have heard, I still have a few more opinions to lay out.

      In early Q (10/17) he garnered support from AJ and Corsi (ex spook). Big red flag.

      He is sometimes “we,” and any can claim Q authorship. He’s said that he intentionally injects disinfo to throw off his enemies. That’s how he excuses himself when his predictions fail (like Hillary getting arrested). He speaks in codes, so we are left having to decode. Is there not already enough confusion out there?

      He’s Trump’s Boy, to the core. Says Trump has all the power and is fully insulated/protected and immune to impeachment. Says Trump is leading a global campaign to end corruption so we can live free. Better tell that to Afghanis and Syrians and Palestinians, ’cause while he’s readying up, tons are suffering and dying.

      If Trump has “all the power,” then why doesn’t he set things right right NOW? Wait, we’re asked to wait, till certain swamp things are out of the way. I can only think of a brilliant headline from a few months back: TRUMP IS THE SWAMP!!

      Q asks us to trust and “sit back and enjoy the show.” I ain’t sittin’ back for nobody. Nice way to take peoples’ fire and determinism: trust and do nothing.

      Loves the military. Says Trump will use them to set things right. Sounds like Martial Law to me.

      And oh yeah, one other little thing, he doesn’t name Jewish power. Did I mention he doesn’t name Jewish power?

      Some call Q a distraction, granting more time for the atrocities to continue while people hold hope that their savior is on the horizon. But Q is so much more than a distraction; to me, the whole fiasco is a cardinal offense taking advantage of people whose broken lives need mending and an assurance that they will have a future. Taking advantage, while protecting business as usual. Q is attempting to steal our time and energy. Bill of Rights: the road back to sanity and freedom.


      • Cynicles says:

        “Hi Cynicles, what is this, a test? Do I need credentials for any opinions I hold?”

        My reason was made clear in my comment. Are you so paranoid that you suspect me of…what, trying to trick you??

        OK. That tells me you want it straight, no soft entry, no introduction. Here ya go:


        Don’t trust the link or me, then don’t go. I’ll be the same as I am now.

        You decide to follow the white rabbit, as I had, excellent, you may learn some things. Better yet, you can contribute so others have the opportunity to learn from your insight.

        Start at the highlighted part, it is part of the page (most recent at that time, [edit: no comment on the link is mine]) that I suspect we both find interesting, although not really new.

        I landed blind into the hole and had to figure the workings out for myself. You have the benefit of support. Get to it – knowledge is power, the truth prevails and that is what is promulgated.

        Let me know, or don’t. Either way I’ll be around.

        • Cynicles says:

          If you, or anyone, want to know what I think of why you would not answer my questions, just ask. I am a straight shooter, always have been, always will be.

          If you are going to be in the trenches…
          There is much more than you and me at stake here, this you should know. Knowledge is power.

          Yes, of course jones and corsi are divisionists, failed ones called out long long ago.


        • galen says:

          No, I don’t suspect you of trying to trick me, but of trying to get me on the Q-train, and I’ve already went on enough about why that train is not for me. As far as being “paranoid.” Oh my, paranoia is sooooo underrated. Writer William S. Burroughs said, “A paranoid is someone who knows a little of what’s going on.” We, in this day and age have gained every right to be paranoid. To not be is to be unaware of what’s lurking in the shadows. I’ve come to think of paranoia as a friend, diligently alerting me when something ain’t right. I do not let it rule me but understand its place.

          I ain’t followin’ no “white rabbit.” I’m followin’ The Bill of Rights. Sorry, I found the link you suggested too complicated, and confusing, and crass. Like being in the deep forest without a compass, and the only tree house is Harvey Weinstein’s. I haven’t the time or the will to decipher all that. You’re free to just keep statin’ your case clearly and simply and see what comes. I try to keep an open mind, and right now mine is open to the fact that Q is BS and dangerous. I don’t want to play those games. Too much of a realist. No code-breaking for me. If it works for you fine. Just remember people are dying at the hands of Q’s hero.


          • Cynicles says:

            This is something you (and others) might like.
            Here is something basic from today, a Gold Mine of info(!) in one, easy to view/read post. Be careful goyim, they don’t want you to see this info.
            Easy to follow help below, you should have no trouble.

            It is really easy to review, don’t let the format run you away. I am not a computer guy. I had to figure out how to get there and wtf to do for moving around (etc.) when I stumbled upon Q in early Feb.

            Let the page completely load before you do anything, it may take a little time (10 seconds and your internet connection is slow, no problem) depending on your computer/phone.

            The part should load right to the post, it should be a pinkish color to indicate it is the specific post from the link.


            Let the page completely load. This has a link (looks like this >>2172714 it is underlined and red text) which is a link to another post, always numeric. Followed by a sentence with a little info on what the link is about. You can hover on the link with mouse for quick view or click on it to open (best to open in another tab: right click then select “open in another tab”). Click on an image to enlarge!
            The one who put all of these together onto one post put a ton of time and effort into the project, they are from many pages of data he complied. No idea who it is, everyone is anonymous.
            The memes (the picture graphic with some words) work quite well for social media propagation, especially for those (most people) that cannot take a half minute to read a few paragraphs or brief article.

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