Q&A with Laura Knight-Jadczyk — Psychopaths

Possibly one of the best kept secrets of the horrors of human history. Many psychologists consider psychopaths to be a separate species that is only human-like, that preys on human beings.

6 thoughts on “Q&A with Laura Knight-Jadczyk — Psychopaths

  1. Love the last line ‘Who needs aliens when you have got psychopaths’

    We have plenty of psychopaths and they are ruining our lives.

    Time for a good rope and a lamppost to put the kindmen back in the saddle and restore the rule of law and order.

  2. Interesting.
    You wouldn’t think this would be that dangerous or taboo of a subject.

    Apparently she made some very nasty people EXTREMELY nervous.

    1. Let me know how it turns out, NC.
      I don’t want to wait for the movie.

      Speaking of movies, just saw “Expendables 2” this morning.

    2. I’ve read that book . It’s a very interesting read . It makes you wonder why political psychopaths are applauded ( B.O., W., B.C., G.H.B.) and criminal psychopaths locked up ( rightly so ). To me their is not a dimes worth a difference between the two .

      At the very least , the criminal has the stones to do his own killing unlike the above initialed P.O.S.’s .

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