Question concerning tree leaves

I am only 53 years old and I grew up in Wisconsin and now live in Oklahoma, but I cannot ever remember the color of the leaves on the trees changing color in August. Over the past week, as I am walking Henry, I have noticed the leaves on the trees in my back yard are all changing colors. The earliest I remember the fall colors is in mid-Septemeber and they are usually at their peak in October. Am I remembering incorrectly or is something strange occurring this year?

Jill in OKC

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      1. So has the sun’s activity decreased or increased? From your comment you indicate the activity has increased which is contrary to the data.

  1. Jill,
    Thanks for walking me, I needed it.
    The leaves started turning and falling here on our cottonwoods at the end of July. But no, this isn’t weird. Here in Bizzaro World, just like the rest of the absolute chaos from every angle in every venue, Superman is flying backwards, down is up, it is light at night and dark in the day, it is FUBAR, and as for the next level of hell we are headed into, it is the unknown of unknowns.
    I’ve decided I’m not from this planet, maybe I was sent here from somewhere else to observe what the inner core of complete madness looks like. To think that a handful of maniacal maniacs could accomplish this level of chaos has gone from being infuriating, baffling observance to pure awe.
    I don’t know what else to say, but they can take that little saying of ‘When pigs fly’ out of the vocabulary, as I’m sure somewhere there are some flying about right now.

  2. Up here it’s probably due to two things
    Lack of rainfall (causes stress so the tree sheds fruit and Or leaves trying to survive the conditions)
    Secondly we’ve had a very hot HOT dry summer

    Oh and we quite possibly are living in hell and just don’t know it yet

    Or they just turned up the fire on the frogs in the frying pan

  3. If the people ever realize what is happening to the trees, sooner then they think, they will know what is going to happen to them. Enjoy life.

  4. That seems weird for sure. So far all is normal here. I live in the White Mountains of Northern NH, where “Peepers” come from all over to see Mother Nature’s beautiful display of Colors each fall. Signs of color can start as early as late August, but the changes usually begin around the 2nd week of September, and hit Peak anywhere from late September (26th) to early October (5th). After 25 years, I have quite the collection of Digital Foliage Photos. Thing is, Cameras just don’t seem to be able to pick up the intensity of the Colors; the contrasting shades of Reds, Oranges, Yellows, Purples… You have to see it in person to experience the awesome beauty of the Red Maple, Swamp Maple, Water Maple, Sugar Maple, North American Beech, Paper Birch, American White Birch, Swamp Hickory, American Chestnut, Dogwood, White Ash, American Ash, White Oak, Staghorn Sumac, American Elm, White Elm…. It makes for a color display that takes your breath away. All this plus a Mountain Range with 48 peaks at 4000 ft or higher in elevation (in contrast, Vermont has only 5), in a small area of the state in the lower northern section.

    1. You are a either a fool or a developer that wants to exploit, develop, and destroy all you have described in your comment.
      To all the people in the United States, if you know of beautiful spots, quiet spots, keep your f-king mouth shut as you are doing nothing more than advertising for their destruction.

      1. Henry, it’s well known. We get over 1 million visitors every summer, and more during Ski Season. Massholes by the truckload. So, I’m not giving anything up here.

        1. Tell me, how beautiful are those trees when sitting next to the Winnebagos of the people you should not want in your state?
          If you have to whore your state, you have no economy and this is something you and your fellow New Hampshireites have allowed.
          F-k tourism. Stay out of my state and I’ll stay out of yours. But then again, my state has already been overrun and all the beautiful places defiled. I can proudly say I have fought it every step of the way and I say as an individual free sovereign national that has lived in this state all my life, no one new is invited and the slimy ass Californians need to get the f-k out. You have nothing we need and we don’t want you here. But then the Californians don’t care, they are all a bunch of communist destroyers who would whore their own mothers for two bucks a f-k.
          Oregon sucks. It is ugly. It is dirty. You don’t want to come here. You will not have a good time. There are no beautiful spots. The trees are ugly. The streams are ugly. The lakes are ugly. The fish are poison. The deer and elk have all been killed and the native people here hate you. That is my advertisement for my state.

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