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  1. ” A Pig ia a Pig ” by Wendy O Williams and the Plasmatics applies to this article/video. What gets me is that they always want your id and that usually has your home address. They want my address, then I want their address damnit. How about that. What they got to hide if they want my address but yet they do not want to tell me their address. Pig cops are the same all over and there is no sign of any change so that said it is realy time to take them out before they take you out or at the very least ruin your life as best they can. And that`s that. grrrr 😈 👿

  2. I’ve not seen this kind of stupidity in our area here yet. they are a bit cocky at times from what i here but not like these goons. of course our town is small enough that if one was of a mind to, could supply some retributions from such a confrontation. there are elements here, on both sides of the so called law, who would repay in a new york minute.

    1. The town I used to live in has about 12,000 people plus it is a colege town andthecops there are as corrupt as you can get. Now I bought my place just outside of a town of about 1000 people and I tell ya what, the cops ae pigs, here they will intimidate people, threaten people, and write tickets for things not even done and then when ya complain then you are on their sh*t list and you night as well either stay out of town or leave. Most of thepeople here are farmers and they only have time for going to the store, hitting the bars, and drinkin` and they really do not care about the cops and their ways here because they either personally know the cops – there are only two cops in this small town – or they send their wives in to do their shopping and they drink/party at home. Most of the farmers do not like the cops or the goverment here one bit either.

  3. maybe some folks could get together and have a blanket party for these fine upstanding officers. you know, kinda wrap them in a blanket and beat the shit out of them for a while, in the middle of the night. In the service, we did that to a master sergeant, and after that, he was the nicest guy you’d ever want to meat.

  4. What the hell did you give her your ID for? And she never told him what he was being detained for. He can easily get out of that. Unfortunately, he has to pay lawyer extortion fees which are more than the fine itself just to do it. It’s pathetic.

    In regards to the female cop, I’m thinking she was new recruit being trained by these two male thugs who have to position themselves on either side of the guy like wolves as backup in case he decides to cut and run.

    And loitering? Are you kidding me? HAHA! WOW! Now if that ain’t clearly a bullshit excuse, then I don’t know what is. And the fact that he was walking and she stopped him, how is that loitering?

    “I need to see your ID”

    Hey bitch, Go F**K YOURSELF! You don’t need to see shit. And people don’t have to talk to you if they don’t want to.

    “I asked you if you were smoking and you refused to give me an answer”

    SO WHAT! You are NOT A GOD!

    Notice how she calls for backup BEFORE she asks for the ID as she knows she won’t be able to handle it alone and doesn’t want to embarrass herself, since she knows what she is doing is illegal and unconstitutional.

    So now you need an ID if you don’t speak or answer an officer’s question? What if I don’t have ID on me? I guess this is why they need that NATIONAL ID thing, so they can make it ILLEGAL if you don’t have it on you, right? Unfrigginbelievable.

    Well, not only can you get ticketed and arrested for taking your dog to the dog park (like me), but you can get hassled for smoking in public? When can we hang these pigs? Just say the word.

  5. Officer: “No you’re not going to tell me how to do my job”

    Guy: “Well then, you’re not going to tell me to shut up. I have first amendment rights”

    Officer: “I can’t hear my dispatcher speak here”

    Guy: “That’s not my problem.”

    Hahaha! Way to go. You shut that bitch up.

  6. You know, if this bitch wants to prove that she can be as tough as a man, maybe she should stop asking two male officers to help her question one little, harmless individual. It shows her inferiority and it’s pretty pathetic. The other two cops just look at each other like they are two secret service men or bodyguards with unnecessary sunglasses ready to kiss each other and then hoping to have a gang bang with the female officer afterwards. It’s truly pathetic.

    The difference between real cops and scared/guilty ones are that REAL cops aren’t afraid to look at you with their own eyes, whereas the scared/guilty cops have to hide behind their sunglasses in fear. And as we all know, all of these assholes wear sunglasses these days, so therefore, there are NO REAL cops. There shouldn’t be any cops in this country anyways. Only Sheriffs, if you follow the Constitution.

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