Questions For The Corporate Media And Politicians

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1) Why was the federal government allowed to kill the journalist Michael Hastings?

2) Why was DHS allowed to conspire to use snipers to kill leaders of the Occupy protests?

3) Why was there no media coverage when President Jimmy Carter said America was no longer a functioning democracy?  

4) Why were the politicians and media allowed to lie us into war in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria?

5) Fluoride has been known to be a poison to humans since 1893.  Why does the the federal government force us to put fluoride in our water when scientists have proven that it causes cancer and reduces IQ in children who take it while their young brains are forming?

6) Genetically Modified food causes cancer, underweight offspring, sterility and death in test animals. Why does our government allow this to be fed to human beings?

7) Why does the FDA allow manufacturers to line cans of food with Bisphenol A when it is known to cause cancer?

8) Why is Aspartame put in so many foods when it is known to cause cancer, obesity, seizures, diabetes, headaches, memory loss and acne?

9) Why is MSG put in so many foods when it it is known to cause cancer, obesity, hunger, Alzheimers, hives and brain damage?

10) Why is polysorbate 80 put into vaccines as an adjuvant when it is known to cause sterility?

11) Why did the FDA pay Matthew Hein of the Epicyte corporation in 2001 to splice a protein into GMO corn that causes sterility in both men and women?

12) Why is DHS buying 7,000 tanks to patrol the streets of America? Why did they buy more than 2 billion 40 caliber hollow point bullets?

13) Why is the NSA demanding our passwords? Are we the enemy? Has the federal government declared war on us?

14) Why did the federal government decide they needed 30,000 drones to patrol the skies of America? Over half of these are to be armed. Do they plan to fire missiles at us after the dollar collapses? Did they use the 2010 Census to get GPS coordinates to our homes in order to target us with missiles?

15) The federal government announced they have a robot that can run 35 mph and kill us a mile away. They also said they have miniature drones the size of an insect that can identify us using facial recognition software via satellite, spy on us and even kill us with an electrical shock. Why do they have so many plans to spy on us and to kill us?

16) More than 3 million Americans died of starvation in the last Depression. Just how many Americans do they expect to die when this current Depression really gets going?

17) Why does the federal government feel they need more than 800 FEMA and National Guard prison camps prepared for civil unrest?

18) Why did the Army issue field manual FM 3-39-40 to its troops in 2010 if they did not see a need for a set of instructions to prepare the soldiers who will be expected to manage millions of us civilians in the near future?

19) Why is there no discussion of the privately owned Federal Reserve’s ability to create money out of nothing and to charge us interest thus transferring all wealth from us to the bankers?

20) News of a Core list of 8 million Americans has been leaked. We are told these people are to be picked up in case they say bad things after the dollar crashes and a few million Americans die of starvation. We do know for a fact that millions of people are on No Fly and Slow Fly lists. Why is there no procedure to remove ourselves from these lists?

21) Why were there no criminal investigations into the assassination of President Kennedy and the 911 attack on America?

22) Why did the Senate and the House pass the NDAA which gives the government the right to arrest us without trial and right to counsel? Why did the President sign the bill and say he had the right to torture and to kill Americans without due process?

23)  Why are 6 Jewish corporations allowed to run the American media?

Wait a minute. I finally understand American and world history. It tells us why we cannot investigate 911. Why we are fed poisons in our food that sterilize and kill us. Why we are treated as an enemy of the state with the government spying on us and demanding our passwords. Why Wall Street is allowed to steal our money by the tens of trillions. Why the government is preparing to kill us.

It is because the Jews run our government and the media. They know they have stolen our paychecks, our savings and our pensions.

They declared war on humanity.

I would hope that the more sane people of Jewish descent decide to turn away from their self-appointed leaders who seem determined to kill six billion real life human beings. This plan is doomed to failure.

I will conclude with this quote from a previous essay:

The Fundamental Fact of Your Existence as a modern man or woman is that the bankers of New York and London want to reduce you to Debt Slavery.

Accept that fact and move on to the solution.

And I also said:

That is their plan for you.

What is your plan for them?

6 thoughts on “Questions For The Corporate Media And Politicians


    And people wonder why the Germans ran this bunch of evil people out of Germany during the 1920’s, 30’s 40’s…..and right for them to have done so.
    I would not be surprised if that very thing happens again, only this time right here in the US of A…..

  2. OK NC
    We’ll go one more step beyond my short posting above.
    We’ll take a US Navy Seal Team, go to the Rothschild organization, in point blank range, take back for the peoples all over the globe, the tens of trillions of dollars stolen by that bunch, through blackmail of soverign governments, who were required to loot the citizens of their own countries to line the coffers of the Rothschild bunch…..and redistribute that amount best as can be decerned, back to those from whom it was stolen……in the first place….Just Then, the global peoples may have a chance to recharge their batteries with a new beginning…….Hows…that!

  3. Everything is put in place to continue the monopoly on the creation of money that a small group of foreign bankers enjoy throughout the world.

    It’s all about the status quo and anything that maintains the “you work, we eat” relationship that the investors lord over their “investments.”

    Revolution won’t help if you don’t evolve past usury. Otherwise, it’s meet the new boss, same as the old boss. Ask Egypt for details.

    1. Agreed.
      Usury is the main problem.
      Usury is the mechanism these parasites use to suck the wealth of nations dry.
      Unless the root of the hydra (Rothschild) is destroyed nothing will change. You can cut off heads forever and get nowhere.

      2 nuclear subs could end this in 10 minutes. 1 for city of london and one for israel.

      Many people in America would be more than happy to flatten the f#@kers here, by our own hand, on our own terms. This evil must be destroyed before all is lost.

      It’s really time people pushed back.


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