Quick & easy repair to your old ALICE pack lid

Aug 25, 2019
Recently I posted a very extensive video about the medium and large ALICE pack system. During that video I covered how on many of the ALICE packs on the surplus market their top rubberized lids are deteriorating due to age. After posting that video a few of my viewers commented on a quick and easy method to repair the old lids. After testing the method myself I found that it was %100 legit and is a great DIY easy repair. I was so impressed I decided to try to help get the word out to my fellow war fighters out there! Thanks again to those viewers of mine for providing me with this great idea.

2 thoughts on “Quick & easy repair to your old ALICE pack lid

  1. Flexseal and rustoleum are great products to have around. The 4 color camo doesn’t fluoresce in night vision and maintains the contrast of shades of camo as opposed to some paints and fabrics which “glow” when night vision is used on them. Space blankets for thermal imaging buys some time.

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