Quotes extracted from Netflix’s “Vikings Valhalla” that seem relevant to our situation today

“Never let traitors go unpunished.”

“A rotten house cannot be repaired. It must be torn down in order to build a better one.”

“Surely, you are astute enough to realize that if a wolf is roaming your halls and warming itself by your fires, it must be considering you its dinner”

“Necessity creates unusual allies.”

“I prefer my fate to be in my own hands.”

“I don’t need your promise. I can deliver justice myself.”

“Facing doubts or fears is the first step in courage.”

“If my people die in this war you have brought to my door, they die with honor, not shame.”

“You think we are born with all the knowledge? We make the tools we need.”

“Now is our time to make history.”

“I am not angry. I am murderous!!”

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