Quotes from Dr. Mark McDonald

“Fear has become a new virtue. Never before in the history of this country have we told people that fear is good, or to settle into those fears and allow them to control and constrain your life.”

“As a result, Americans are policing themselves to such an extent that governments have dialed down enforcement of ongoing lock-downs and restrictions by multiple notches.”

“So the end result of this: what appears to me is a country which is using its own citizens as a de facto police force, very similar to communist China, that has a social point system in place where neighbor informs on neighbor, family informs on family. … So widespread and so rooted is this delusional psychosis that when I leave my home or leave my office every day, I have to prepare myself for the inevitable experience of what I would call the ‘outdoor insane asylum.'”

“We need a people who believe in and cherish freedom as a virtue, rather than fear. Never before in the history of this country has fear been enshrined as a virtue. If it stays this way and we don’t address it and redress it, we are lost.”

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