Rabbi Litvin speaks at D.C. rally against antisemitism

Jul 13, 2021
Rabbi Shlomo Litvin, the director of the Chabad of the Bluegrass, is back in Lexington after spending a weekend in Washington, D.C., where he spoke at a rally organized in response to the rise in antisemitism across the country.

4 thoughts on “Rabbi Litvin speaks at D.C. rally against antisemitism

  1. Imagine being part of a group so despicable and reviled that you have to hold rallies to protest being hated by people.

  2. The problem is they, the Zionist, talmud, cabala loving, devil worshipping Jews don’t want the world to know how evil they are so they hide behind anti-semitism and use it to their advantage. Jesus called them the synagogue of satan, and those with their ears and eyes open know enough truth about these devil possessed individuals. Read Bloody Zion by Edward Hendrie. Listen to Rabbi Finklestein talk about what they do at Passover meal, by taking the blood of a goyim (Gentile) child and mixing it in with their Passover meal. They hate Christ and they hate His followers. The devil hates all of the creation of God. Just look around and see what they have done and are doing to our skies, water and food. These Zionists believe we are inhuman and less than an animal and they will give an account before God for their words and deeds, before He throws them into the Lake of Fire, which is the second death (this after spending time in hell)…. pity to be so foolish. Greed, power… for what? This world that is passing?

  3. Who? Seriously, Who? Gives a S**t about what a Jew thinks about Anti- Semitism. Jews are the Enemy of Humanity and need to be treated as such.
    I do not give any shits about Jews.
    They need to move to that beautiful country, IsraHell, that millions of people died for them to confiscate.

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