11 thoughts on “Rabbi Mintz – “Boycott German Goods!” (Yes, Today!)

  1. This is grand steering. He wants us to believe two wrongs make a right. We don’t even know the full story of world events, especially WW 2. So many lies, perversions. Attempting to sort it out is deemed criminal. Sadly, (and I hate to validate Churchill, but…) history is indeed written by the victors.

    Boycott Germany? What the hell good would it do to harm a people that way? No! Boycott forced ignorance. Boycott deception. Not easy to boycott abstractions. Yet…

    Man, we sure have our hands full.


  2. This filthy pig. He’s right, but for the wrong reason. I’ll boycott any country that’s sleazy enough to make Holocaust Enlightenment illegal. Specially after David posted the article of 2 Chinese tourists getting arrested in Germany for simply giving the Heil Hitler salute? GMAFB!
    Unfortunately, I’ve added Russia, and Putin (my wanna be hero against the NWO) to the list, since Holocaust Denial is now illegal there too.
    I’ll stick with real heroes like Lavoy and the Bundys and all those who put it on the line for truth and freedom.

    1. But it’s the people who will suffer. Not the ivory tower rulers who serve evil. Their well-being is protected in spades.

      I wonder what rhymes with circle and starts with an M.


  3. What the F**k is this Jew talking about? He’s rambling on about cars like a senile old man. How does that have anything to do with the topic at hand? Does he want us to boycott cars now, too?

    1. He wants to undermine the creative, the innovative, the successful, and likely the self-determined. He wants to punish that. Eternal punishment and shaming. Shine the spotlight anywhere but Iz and its agenda. But many are moving and focusing that spotlight. I think there’s hope in that. Comes from that very strong urge of just wanting to live, live free and dare I say, thrive. Isn’t that what all these efforts (postings) are about? I can’t imagine them coming to naught. Maybe the jerks teach us more than we know, or at least provide opportunity to showcase the absurdity. Chug, chug, chug. Every effort better than none.


  4. Can you imagine what the underside of that sht he’s wearing on his head smells like?

    How often does he wash that living matter?

  5. Ahh yes, the ramblings of a psychotic, sociopathic, inbred, racist will bring US pearls of wisdom.

    Try telling a kike they can’t buy a BMW 7 series or convertible Mercedes due to moral turpitude.

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