Radiation On Northern CA Beach – It’s Here

Rense.com – by Jeff Rense

The following video was taken today with an Inspector Plus geiger counter by ‘Dave’ giving readings on a Northern California beach due West of San Mateo.  The beach is south of Princeton Harbor which in turn is just south of Pillar Point where ‘Mavericks’ big surf comes in. The best description is the San Mateo Coast.  Just south again from Princeton Harbor begins the City of Half Moon Bay.

As you will see, the normal background radiation above the small bluff at this beach is about 30 CPM (Counts Per Minute).  

The video is self-explanatory and we are greatly indebted to Dave for making it and sending it in.

Today’s readings on the beach were taken standing up…with the Inspector about 5 feet off the ground.

Last Friday, three days ago on 12-20, Dave went to the same beach but with a plastic bag for his Inspector. He placed it down about 2 inches above the sand and got radioactive readings up to 17 TIMES OVER BACKGROUND… about 500 CPM.

Watch the video of today’s readings at the beach…




4 thoughts on “Radiation On Northern CA Beach – It’s Here

  1. Hey,

    Lets have a clam bake for crying out loud! Maybe a walk on the beach to clear away the arthritis and gather our thoughts.

    1. Yep, I hear ya Mark, those beaches are going to start stinking when all the dead plants and animals start washing up.on shore.

  2. Over time it will move into the Sierra Mountain range and beyond. No one is out of harm’s way. This is an extinction level event.
    . . .

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