Raft Race Between Gov. Cuomo And Mayor Bloomberg A Media Only Event

New York Daily News – by Glen Blain

The Adirondack Challenge  was announced by Gov. Cuomo earlier this year as a way to bring  much-needed tourism to upstate New York, with the big draw being Gov. Cuomo taking on other elected officials – including New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg –  in raft races.

It seems, however, that most of the public will only get to see those raft races on television.   

A media advisory released by Cuomo’s press shop Friday morning listed  the race involving Gov. Cuomo and legislative leaders on Sunday July 21 and the  Cuomo versus Bloomberg race on Monday, July 22, as “PRESS ONLY EVENTS” for credentialed media members.

The explanation, according to administration officials, has more to do with logistics and the topography of the area around Indian Lake  than a desire to protect any of the elected officials from rafting embarrassment. The terrain around the race river site simply does not allow large numbers of spectators, they said.

Still, officials are hoping media coverage of the races will satisfy the original goal of the Challenge – to draw attention to the Adirondacks.

“We are holding the Adirondack challenge to highlight all that the region has to offer – including some of the best whitewater rafting in the nation,” said Cuomo spokesman Matt Wing. “The challenge will generate significant media attention and show that the Adirondacks are a great vacation destination for people from across the state and mid-east region.”

And there are other events on Sunday, July 21, that will be open to the public, including a 10 a.m. canoe race with over 100 competitors and a 1 p.m. at Byron Park festival with live music, food vendors, and “displays of artisan-crafted watercraft.


3 thoughts on “Raft Race Between Gov. Cuomo And Mayor Bloomberg A Media Only Event

  1. I can only wish that these 2 Zio-scumbag’s have their lungs filled with H2O, and sink to the bottom of the river, never to return.
    Find out the exact route their going to paddle down and have the banks lined with a few hundred people chucking rocks at these 2 moving asshole’s. See if we can get the entire route covered with people needing target practice throwing rocks at a couple of clowns in a raft..The 2 stooges will be wearing helmets ( damn it ). So aim for the head.
    Is Bloomgoon going to have his security detail in the raft too or along side?
    Now that will be a funny sight having Blooms goons ( security ) following him in a raft…PRICELESS..
    There has to be some way to F**k this event up… any suggestions ??

    1. JGO, your suggestions are probably on the minds of half this nation’s population, at least, and they know it.

      That’s why it’s being billed as a “PRESS ONLY EVENT” for credentialed media members.

      Everyone want to see these two commie bastards on the bottom of the river. I’m surprised that either of them is still willing to venture out in public at all.

  2. Some small underwater mines strategically placed the night before the race would make it well worth watching.

    I’d even break down and watch tv for that one.

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