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Raleigh police officer shot in face responding to suspicious-car call

Fox News

A police officer in North Carolina was shot in the face Wednesday night while responding to a call about a suspicious vehicle — and two people were in custody in connection with the case, reports said.

The officer was not identified but was reportedly shot multiple times, Raleigh’s WTVD-TV reported. The officer was responding to the call in southwest Raleigh. The condition of the officer was not immediately known.  

Reports said one suspect was taken into custody shortly after the shooting. A reporter for WTVD tweeted that a second suspect was nabbed while hiding in a shed.

“We are praying for the best outcome,” a police statement read. “As you can imagine, this is a very difficult time for the officer, the family, and the Raleigh Police Department. We appreciate all the thoughts, prayers and well-wishes.”


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1 Response to Raleigh police officer shot in face responding to suspicious-car call

  1. Enemy of the State says:

    Because without the freedom to put a bullet through a tyrant, you have no freedom.

    Now why was this pig at this particular place ?
    And how is it that he didn’t see the threat when it was obviously “in his face”( yes I’m saying the pig was colluding with the ones who shot him)
    Maybe this pig was playing both sides of the law and got what you get when you play those games out here in the real world ( you know like trying to set someone up)

    See , you can play tyrant or friend
    But to the wise you can’t play both and survive it

    Pick a side you pricks
    The people are wise to your shit

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