Rand “Judas” Paul bares his Evil Soul

We at From the Trenches identified Kentucky Senator Rand Paul as a neo-con national socialist right out the gate, and indeed Senator Paul should be considered the point man for the attempted hijacking of the Ron Paul Revolution.  Rand portrayed himself as a Constitutionalist in the beginning and then, little by little, he revealed his true core beliefs.

Rand Paul, you are a traitor to the Republic, our Constitution, and every American nationalist.  You have tried to portray yourself as a Christian when in your heart you have always been a disciple of evil.  One of the statements Dr. Ron Paul made during his campaign was that he would not put this depression further upon the backs of the poor.

Yesterday, the food stamp amendment to the farm bill was rejected by the US Senate.  This amendment was the product of Rand Paul.  The farm bill would reduce food stamp spending by $4 billion over the next decade by eliminating abuses. Paul’s amendment would have saved $322 billion over the same period by capping spending at $45 billion a year and turning over funding decisions to the states.

To underhand how black hearted and sleazy Rand Paul is you have to look at the big picture.  Most of the states in the United States are broke and facing financial crisis and yet the neo-cons want no cuts in defense spending, an extension of the Bush era tax cuts, no cuts to foreign aid, an amnesty to allow $2 trillion in corporate profits stashed in bank accounts overseas to be brought back to the United States tax free (remember these profits were made by dismantling US factories, moving them to China, and manning them with slave labor by companies like Mitt Romney’s Bain Capital).

Well, says Rand, we will just give the states the food stamp monies in block grants and let them decide how much actually goes to their people for food and how much is diverted into the coffers of their other bureaucracies.  Rand Paul is our enemy and no GOP delegate purporting to represent the Republic, the Constitution, and we the people, could possibly support his climb to power.

If Dr. Paul is going to step out of the scene then our delegates should use their votes, which the rest of us in this Revolution put up $39 million to procure, to destroy the Republican Party.  We should show a united force in instructing our delegates to cause as much harm to these traitors as humanly possible.  Be creative.

How about an across the board vote by our delegates for Stephen Hawking?  I can see the headlines, “Mitt Romney beats cripple”.  This would also be the proof positive that brains do not have a damn thing to do with power in politics.  It is not what you know, it is who you nose.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

16 thoughts on “Rand “Judas” Paul bares his Evil Soul

    1. Well he took his old man with him. RP runs a family business,both his congressional office and campaign with over 5 dozen relatives on the payrolls.
      Ron Paul hasn’t had much to say about it,but he can’t keep blaming the grandson in law or his boy Rand. He hired the kid and he raised Rand.
      The whole incident and others make the man look weak and incompetent or he is the same as the rest up there in Washington….corrupt! Can’t have it both ways!

  1. The problem is education. Rand and Ron are trying to get the message and the education going with the American People. They are getting a foot or a toe inside the door so they can holler their message and educate the masses who are generally asses. Keeping thier message on the front burner is how to get the ignorant Americans who’s computer between their ears has been programed by the TV to learn. Education on freedom is the problem. The more Rand and Ron can pass on these ideas the more chance we have of a free country.

    1. The message Rand and Ron have gotten out loud and clear is that no one who reaches the level of a congressman or a senator can be trusted in the smallest manner, and you neo-cons are not going to get us to accept Mitt Romney on the theory of “well we got the word out”.
      Shove it, we are betrayed and I promise that every damn one of you are going to understand our Constitution absolutely when you are being prosecuted under it with your buddy Rand Paul for the constructive treason you have committed. There are no half measures or compromises when it comes to liberty.

      1. Henry you couldn’t have said it better
        I really feel, it’s more than our Constitution. It’s our God given right. We cannot bow our knee to Baal.

      2. By the way, where the Hell is Ron Paul ?!? Unless I’ve missed it, I haven’t heard a peep outta him.

  2. If people think that this is all ok for Rand to do this and that it will help him further get his message when he runs for president in 2016 (Like Jack Hunter wants us to believe) or what I call, “passing the ball down the road”, then you are all in for a treat. By the time the year 2016 comes, WE WON’T HAVE AN AMERICA TO FIGHT FOR!!! The system will be totally corrupt! We can’t think about the future. The FUTURE is NOW!! If we can’t make our statement at the RNC of who we want to in the presidency and have a fair election, then 2016 won’t even matter who we vote for because, yet again, the SAME THING WILL HAPPEN! (or not happen at all seeing as how by then, our rights will be FULLY non-existent as well as our sovereignty as a country)

    Fukushima is already on our Western Shores infecting our food supply and water, WWIII is almost upon us, and the Financial crisis will cripple us all, well BEFORE 2016!!

    Wake up, people! The time to march, act and take back our country is NOW!!!

    1. Nice try. I totally agree. But you have to understand that, in general, people are more concerned about Dancing With the Stars, American Idol, sports and celebrity gossip. They simply haven’t the time left over to bother with the end of their country and/or the world. Such are the priorities of the majority.

    2. I’ve been thinkin’ the very same thing. Four years is a long time, when every single day more of our rights are taken away. I’m with you, NC. It’s time to start kickin’ ass !

  3. Here’s an idea, FWIW: Everyone should delete all messages, without exception, in their inboxes from Ron and Rand Paul, and set blockers and filters to permanently exclude all such messages henceforth. I have just now done this.

    Having sold us out, they should both be totally expunged even from computer memory.

    If there’s any legal basis, how about a class-action suit to recover all donations?

  4. There’s worse people in politics than the Pauls’. Why don’t you turn your attention to them while you’re not studying history as you should.After all it’s not people like good ol’ traitor Rand who have let us down but good ol’ traitor you and me.I want this and I want that but I don’t have a clue about money creation and I want it now.I don’t care how many babies die in stupid wars as long as I get what I want.I’m an American,after all.Prepare youselves,American women,the Chinese army is as horny as any other.Not to cause dissention in the ranks but I feel that such a suit would have no class whatsoever.

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